80000 - 80199 ore hoppers

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    At one time these cars operated as a part of a pool with cars from GM&O, L&N and Southern. Built in 1954 by Pullman-Standard, the cars operated out of Mobile, Al., hauling South American ore to USS operations.

    Does anyone have either a diagram, or better still, a photo of one of these cars?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The diagram for SLSF 80000-80199, 100t ore hoppers, is in the old Frisco Museum SLSF hopper car diagram book I have. These were PS built, 1954, 3-bay, rib-side, 12 ribs, Barber S-2 trucks w/Hyatt roller bearings, 33" wheels, Miner brake, 36ft outside length, 10ft9in (just under) height, 1629ft3. The diagram shows 190 cars still in service, but the diagram is undated.

    I have what looks to be a builder's pic of SLSF 80000 in my collection ..... I don't know the source, but I'll go ahead and post it for reference.


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    A top down view of these cars can be seen on page 95 of Nicholas J. Molo's Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment. The unusual end troughs are evident in these two photos.
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    Ken, the SL-SF diagram lists the capacity as 90 tons. They appear to be a standard hopper from Pullman Standard. I'm on a quest to either find a "close-enough" available HO model or to scratch build a few. Our club layout here in Knoxville models the Mobile area and those railways Jerry mentioned.
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    Doug -
    My diagram shows SLSF 80000=88199 to have a 100 ton (200,000 lbs) capacity. However, I am surprised it has 33" wheels instead of 36". The journal bearings, however, do appear to be 100T rated.
    Didn't Walthers or somebody do this car in HO? My memory is vague, but I know I decorated one, using, I think, Oddballs decals. It had big block FRISCO letters on the side, per the builder/new picture of SLSF 80000 I posted earlier. Color was a relatively dark shade of red oxide.

    Edited 11/30/17:
    The longer I think about this, the more I think the car I finished that I referenced above was a Walthers SLSF ballast car, not the 80000 series ore hopper we are talking about above. The car I built did not have the dual end panels inside the hopper as these ore cars did. Sorry!
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    Did I hear you correct that there is a HO scale club in Knoxville TN that models the mobile AL area and runs road names such as Southern, Frisco, L&N, GM&O?

    I live in Huntsville Al and run many of the same road names on a Birmingham representative industrial DCC switching layout. Would Love to meet another group within a 1/2 day drive to share the hobby with. Please Private Message me or email me direct at matt.h.calahan@gmail.com if your club is open to long distance members.

    Sorry to post off topic just didn't want to miss you guys.

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    Hi Matt,

    Were you aware of the Redstone Model Railroad Club located there in Huntsville? They are currently in the process of building a new layout presently I believe. They have a website with information. It is an old club that dates back to the 60's and is located on Redstone Arsenal. I was a member in my younger days and intend to apply again as I am moving back to the Huntsville area as we have built a new house in Gurley, Al on Keel Mountain.

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    Fantastic news that another Frisco Fan will be in the Huntsville area. I have been involved with the Redstone club on and off over the years. They are pretty much finished with the construction now. Working on scenery and other detail elements.

    Please let me know when you get relocated to the area.

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