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    700-Series Coaches

    #768 and 760. Drawings courtesy of Art Marsh.

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    700-Series Coaches

    All of the following courtesy of Art Marsh.

    752, 754, 757

    765, 759


    768, 769


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    Were these cars ever painted blue and white and used in Meteor service?


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    Thanks Chris - I've been away frm the forum for awhile - this will help me get a start.

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    Does anyone have a copy of an Art Johnson photo of 773, 774, or 775 as used on the Will Rogers? Please scan and e mail it to me. Tnx, Doug
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    I think it has been well-established that there were never any Blue & White Pullman cars, but was there any effort made to keep otherwise all B&W consists together on any trains other than the Meteor and the Firefly? There were certainly many more cars painted than were needed for those two trains.

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    Gordon--In the "St. Louis Glory" video (from Herron, I believe) several Frisco trains from the late 40's just have the b/w cars mixed in--a coach here, a baggage there etc. Same with all the still photos I've seen. I just think there weren't enough of them to have dependable full consists. My opinion.

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