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  1. Hey guys, I have been able to finish up some projects lately that were either daydreams or long term stalls.
    One of them was 44 tonner #7. I started this at least 15 years ago but di not have the yellow coonskins for the doors or the correct yellow SLSF under the cab windows. I tried it with some white microscales but hated it and it went back in the box.
    In part of the decal discussion with Ken's yardsale, this came up and Keith Robinson AKA the whizkid generously donated a set he had to help me cross the finish line! Here is the results. Like a big majority of my stuff this is just for my dads layout. #7 served in Newburg and he wanted to add it to his collection. Far from perfect but a nice 5 footer anyway.;) Thanks again Keith!!!

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    Very nice Steve! Like you, I've had my SLSF 8 sitting unfinished since about 2004. I put it aside as I made a mistake on the nose stripe decals. I plan to finish it sometime soon. The other problem is that one of the motors smokes. Don't know how long it will remain a twin powered critter just like the prototype!

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    Beautiful job! I really like the canvas sunshades. Well done.
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  4. Thanks Jim! The sunshades are easy. Just rolled tissue paper dipped in diluted white glue.

    Thanks Ken. Funny, I want one that doesn't run to make 7 sitting on the arch bar trucks in Tulsa.
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    Very nice!
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  6. Thanks Charlie.

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