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  1. SLSF # 72 - Former K.C.Ft. S. & M.


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    Dang. I wish I lived back then. Those folks were so blessed to have lived in a simpler life. Today just sucks.
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    I want one!
  5. Thanks for posting this!

    Any information about the time and place of this photo? The structure in the rear looks like a coaling station or something similar.

    KCFS&M 70-78 were Manchester products very similar to K-CC&S 79-90, and #72 seems to share the same diamond stack, ornamental headlight mounting, and mismatched sand and steam domes as the K-CC&S locos. The cab windows are arched, though, which I don't recall seeing in any K-CC&S photos. Perhaps other details might be visible if the gentlemen in the natty outfits would please step aside, just for a moment?

    Bradley A. Scott
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    The Memphis Road had pocket coaling trestles in Springfield, Lockwood, and Kansas City (I’ll have to check further to see if Ft Scott had one). I am inclined to believe that this is Springfield, and the camera is looking north; the roundhouse is to the left.
    Brad, I believe that this class was identical to its older KCCS sisters.
    Locomotive wheelbase: 24’-2”
    Wt of Eng: 79,200 lbs
    Driver wheelbase:8’-6”
    Wt on drivers: 52,000lbs
    Driver Diam: 61”, 3-1/2” tires
    Pilot truck wheelbase: 5’-8”
    Wt on Truck: 27,200 lbs
    Trk Diam: 28”
    Cylinders: 17” x 24”
    Boiler, first course: 60”
    BP: 135 psi
    Grate: 35-1/2” x 71-11/16”
    Heating surface, firebox 126.10 ft^2
    Tubes: 170 – 2”, 11’-10” long
    Heating Surface, tubes: 1043.67 ft ^2
    THS: 1169.67 ft^2

    Wt tender, empty: 27,300 lbs
    Coal: 5 tons
    Water: 2500 gal
    Wt tender, loaded: 58,050 lbs

    The 72 did not escape the mass extinction circa 1914-1916, and it was scrapped during April 1915.

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