2011-2010 Leaving KC

Discussion in 'E8A' started by Sirfoldalot, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Sirfoldalot

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    Wish I had a better camera - little 110 Box type.

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  2. Rick McClellan

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    Wow. I know right where this is by Southwest Blvd just east of the MKT yard. No track there now, it is a parking lot for a commercial business.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Frisco Faster Freight!

  3. WindsorSpring

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    These are nice color action shots. It just so happens I had the Springfield Library Frisco Collection site open at the same time and noticed their b&w picture of "Gallant Fox" 2011 taken in July 1952 has the gold (yellow) band between the portholes on the side. It is not there on these pictures, though 2010 still has its yellow band. Some time has passed since July 1952 for 2011.

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