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What month would you like to hold the 2010 Frisco Meet in?

Poll closed Jun 14, 2010.
  1. August

    19 vote(s)
  2. September

    33 vote(s)
  1. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    We need to determine the month in which we have the 2010 Frisco Meet in KC and you get to help select it. Our poll choices will be either the month of August or September. Please select the best month for you to attend. The exact date will be determined based on the results of this poll and the availability of a suitable hotel facility.

    After checking into local churches, VFWs, community centers, etc. we have concluded that our best option is to use hotel facilities for our meet. Dora Furlong is checking into hotel facilities in the Harrisonville, Belton, Grandview, Lenexa, Olathe, Merriam (Frisco territory) areas to get us the best deal and the best room rates.

    Since we are going with the hotel option it is important for us to understand that the availability of our meeting room(s) is dependent upon the number of rooms sold by the hotel. The Frisco nation will need to support the event through your registration fee (TBD) and through your use of the host hotel. Dora is going to get us the info on the minimum number of rooms that need to be sold, the rate (target: $60-$80/night), availability of food service, etc. The 2010 Meet Planning Team will meet later in the month of June and we can meet at my house in Shawnee, KS.

    Regarding the Planning team here are those I can remember volunteering to help

    Registration - Richard Napper
    Clinics - Open
    Smokey Hill Rail Excursion - Patrick & Dora Furlong
    Tours -
    Swap Meet -

    My memory isn't great so if you volunteered and I have not listed you, please let me know so we can get you engaged. We will need to determine the number & types of clinics, number and types of tours, non-rail activities, availability of food & drink, audio-visual equipment needed, swap meet arrangements (tables, chairs), etc.

    I believe that we had about 55 Frisco fans at Pittsburg last year and it would be great to meet and see even more of you all later this year. I don't think it is too much of a stretch to think we could increase our attendance to 75 this year. Please participate in the poll and please leave your August and September open for the next few weeks until we get a date nailed down.

    This is gonna be fun.
  2. Iantha_Branch

    Iantha_Branch Member

    Unfortunately I wont be able to make it during either of the two months, do to football. The only time that I MIGHT be able to is August 14th. After that I have football film from 8-10 Saturday mornings till at least Nov.
  3. dfurlong

    dfurlong Member

    I would like to also add that the labor day weekend date will not be a consideration since this is peak time for the hotels. So if September wins it will be after labor day weekend.

    Just want to make certain that is something taken into consideration.

  4. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    I voted August. September will be bad for me as I will be in Europe essentially all month following Labor Day.

    What about early October? Usually really nice weather.

  5. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    Looks like August has a slight lead so far. . :cool: . . Good point on Labor Day weekend.

    One other quick point, this poll will be up for 14 days, whichever month is ahead at that time wins.

    Thanks to all who have participated in the poll.
  6. nvrr49

    nvrr49 Member

    I voted for September, but I have conflicts Aug 14-15, Sept 19th (Sunday) & 25 (Saturday), so whatever the majority wants. Also, the Naroow Gauge National convention is in St Louis Sept 1-4.

    Kent in KC
  7. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Frisco.org Supporter


    I originally volunteered put together the artwork and flyer (advertising, etc.) for Richard to send out. I will still be willing to do that, but I am already booked for the last weekend in June for the planning meeting purposes.
  8. mvtelegrapher

    mvtelegrapher Member


    I voted for August, most of the month of Sept. is booked with Heartlands train rides or motorcar rides. After you pick the weekend I will let you know if I will be free to help.

    John Chambers
  9. Larry Parrish

    Larry Parrish Frisco Supporter

    I voted for August because I do not yet have any conflicts in that month.

    I absolutely cannot be present the weekend of Sept. 18-19.

    I very much want to be present for this event. Please decide quickly--Mary and I are planning a trip to New England sometime in August or September and I want to work around this get-together--especially with all of these people I know but have never met!

    --Larry Parrish
  10. renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013)

    renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013) Passed away March 8, 2013

    I vote for September.
  11. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    The 2010 Frisco Meet in KC will be occurring in September per our poll results. Thanks to all who responded.

    I have called a planning team meeting this Saturday evening to start working out the details. Dora Furlong has been working with area hotels to get us the best deal and I am anxious to see how all that worked out. We will select a weekend other than Labor Day weekend and I will get that out after the meeting.

    I am looking forward to a great turnout and I will see you at the 2010 Frisco Meet in KC this September.
  12. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    The planning team met at the Smokey Hill Museum last Friday and are working on finalizing the hotel arrangements. Once we have that done, we can get the registration information out.

    In the mean time, here are a few photos of the Smokey Hill equipment for your enjoyment. More photos are listed on my album.

    Hope to see you in September.

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