1912 photo of StL&SF boxcar 28023

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  1. Someone on the Yahoo EarlyRails group posted a link to a collection of old photos at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Among them is this July 1912 photo of wooden trussrod StL&SF boxcar no. 28023 with a lumber load for an International Harvester factory.


    I like the battered look of the car, especially the bent metal guard over the upper door track.

    Bradley A. Scott
  2. john

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    I have a question about the early box car paint scheme shown in the photo linked to above (1912 photo).

    Can anyone tell me anything about the markings/logo next to the door of at least some of the cars with this scheme. I have not been able to locate a photograph with a clear, close view of this area of the cars.

    Thanks, John

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    SAFN SAAP Member

    All three are built by the American Car & Foundry.

    American (Arched)

    Car & Foundry (straight)

    Builders (straight)

    City of Mfg (Arched)

    SAFN SAAP Member

    I am modeling this very same series boxcar as 13451. I have several decals with different numbers. Nice cars for sure!
  5. Oldguy

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  6. john

    john FRISCO.org Supporter

    Thanks to everyone for the prompt replies. Does anyone know when this paint scheme was introduced and when it was dropped?

  7. Jim James

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    Here's one of my sawtooth boxcars. This one has a 1913 build date but the others are 1912. You beat me to it, John.
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  8. Jim James

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    I forgot to say thank you Bradley for the awesome photo. It's just right for my era and photos from that time are few. I will add this to my reference pics for weathering and battering.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    YesteRRails has the exact boxcar for the 13XXX series, and the 14XXX series already as a master, awaiting its turn for production. Kits will have all the appropriate Frisco markings. Stay tuned!
  10. Jim James

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    Manny, I'm gonna have to build a bigger layout!

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