Model Power E8A Frisco 2020 "Big Red"

Starting with a Model Power model, I stripped the paint, sanded off the dynamic brake fan, added lift rings, windshield wipers, and stainless steel intake grills. I then painted it Signal red and decaled with Herald King decals using the white outline and along with the gold decals.

Model Power E8A Frisco 2020 "Big Red"
pensive, Jan 6, 2011
    • grace65746
      All of these photos are very impressive in my opinion. Even the "toy train" items are very nice. I've did the same to some of those so-called toy train locos and rolling stock, since I can pick them up for a reasonable price, or if I have duplicates, then I'll take the lesser quality car and change it.
    • pensive
      Thanks! Back when I did the "toy train" models, I was unaware of any commercially available Frisco models unless they happened to be on the hobby shop shelf when I visited. If you wanted a sizable fleet of Frisco rolling stock, you had to paint and decal them yourself. They provided good learning experiences without much risk.
    • grace65746
      Yeah, I have some B/Y F unit bodies in an A-B-A combo that someone else painted and decaled, and have had them for 18 years. I painted an F7 A body into O/W colors a few years ago, and have it on an "el cheapo" Bachmann chassis, along with the B/Y A shells on the same. I'm not fond of the Bachmann units, unless they are 8 wheel drive, but they'll do until I can get better power for them. I have an older Life Like E-8 in N scale that is a 2016 with Citation on it and I'm going to get some streamlined passenger cars in N scale to paint and decal for Frisco to go with the engine.
    • gstout

      You can go to "Wheels of Time." They have a variety of Frisco LW cars all ready to go.

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