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  1. friscochoctaw
    friscochoctaw Karl

    Through the RailSpot Facebook and eMail forums it has been made known that Steve Allen Goen would like for you to contact him privately at:
    at your earliest convenience.

    John “Friscochoctaw” Crews
  2. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Cody
    Wake up.
    We need to here your results of about what was in the swimming hole;
    the location of the train wreck, and were else are you exploring the Salem Branch,
    the Sligo Furnace Company and their Sligo's S&E-RR.

    from East Prong Crooked Creek, just over the watershed divide,
    there use to be a wood trestle (or filled in & over) in to back west end of Chandler Hollow.

    mountaincreekar , Charles
  3. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar 29th st yard
  4. Steve Allen Goen
    Steve Allen Goen FriscoCharlie
    Does anyone know the history, length, etc. of SLSF RPO-express car 122? It's a heavyweight with truss rod underframe.

    Steve Allen Goen
    Wichita Falls, TX
  5. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Rick Morgan
    do you know anything about Sligo locomotives
    like the Davenport 2-6-0 ?
  6. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar hightechhillbilly
    Anything new?/ Round table @ Riverside ? John Ziegler owner /
    1st "River" Side where?
    Pioneers had a R.S. on river, no RR. when? where? no records of found
  7. Don McGee
    Don McGee
    Not Mc Ger
  8. Don McGee
    Don McGee
    Last name: McGee
  9. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar wpmoreland719
    reply to,Why street name Santa FE in Wesco? When 1870's ?
  10. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar wpmoreland719
  11. Turky44
    Looking for Fort Smith Sanborn Maps - 1908
  12. FriscoGeorge
    The Houston House is open on THURSDAYS ONLY from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM for soup and sandwich. There is no cost , but donations are accepted.
  13. Joe Lovett
    Joe Lovett
    My layout is coming along nicely. Tonight I'm going to run a train and take a video. July 03, 2018
  14. Cody
    Cody wpmoreland719
    I'm wondering if you have any more information about the wreck in 1876 next to lost mountain. Me and my cousin swim that hole quite often and one if the train cars is visible and we have been pulling up train parts and bridge parts left and right off of the bottom. We are very curious and would like to know more about the wreck
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  15. Ben Fly
    Ben Fly friscomike
    Hi Mike,

    I've been trying to delete my Swap Meet entries( all obsolete) but I can't find a way to do it. Would you rermove them please. Or point me to some documentation?

    Ben Fly
  16. Jim kimmel
    Jim kimmel FriscoCharlie
    Thank you for letting me join your group. I always liked steam engines. Back in the 80s I helped restore the Frisco 1522. Worked on this engine about 4 years.Setup the valve gear and polished all of the running gear. And did some boiler work. Also I owned an 0 4 0 a Baldwin 1912 switch engine that was used a a local gravel plant at Pacific Mo.
  17. MaryAnne
    Looking for information on my Grandfather, JP Hanlon based in Chicago or Saint Louis.
  18. Turky44
    Wanting to work for the Railroad
  19. Turky44
    wanting to work for Railroad
  20. james c. puff
    james c. puff frisco1522
    Hello Mr. Wirth,
    I see you are in the Pacific area, I am in Washington and was wondering if there was any chance since we are not that far apart if we could meet sometime. Steam has interested me on and off for a while and seeing that you was very involved with an operating steam era locomotive, would help me understand a bit more about the operations of an engine that size. Please let me know, Thanks.