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  1. klrwhizkid
  2. Rich Herbert
    Rich Herbert wpmoreland719
    Gosh what a good history lesson! I didn't know that stuff. Now I have to go look myself!
    Thank You
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  3. wpmoreland719
    wpmoreland719 frisco1522
    You've mentioned your brother-in-law fired on the Salem Branch and was making the run when the first diesels were used. My grandpa said the first diesel broke a bunch of rails on its first trip, probably a GP7. I believe you said that No. 61 or 62 was used after that. Please tell me what type that second diesel was (VO-660?).

  4. yardmaster
    Always look on the brigh side of life ::insert whistling refrain here::
  5. Andy McLean
    Andy McLean
    2nd Generation Railroader and proud of my dad in his journey from nobody to somebody on the Frisco and BN
  6. davidgaines
    davidgaines friscomike
    I need to ask a question that may be inappropriate for the website. Decided in 1980 that I was going to build in HO. Bought rolling stock and structure kits. I boxed everything up and we moved. Lost interest. I have 11 copier paper boxes of HO kits and stuff and 1 box of flextrack. I would love to sell it. I have it all in a spreadsheet. I can be reached at
    1. friscomike
      Sep 20, 2022
    2. davidgaines
      Thanks Mike
      Sep 21, 2022
  7. Peddling Joe
    Peddling Joe FriscoCharlie
    Maybe I am wrong again but is Frisco Charlie originally from the Seymour, MO area and his dad worked in the B&B Department?
    On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 a Seymour school group plan on visiting The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. in Springfield, MO.
    If you are from the Seymour area you may have some relatives and friends in the group?
  8. Japanese FRISCO railfan
    Japanese FRISCO railfan gjslsffan
    HI gjslsffan

    thank you for your reply.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    I'm sorry for the sudden question.
    got it.
    I'm glad to receive a lot of information from other members of

    Thank you

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  9. Japanese FRISCO railfan
    Japanese FRISCO railfan gjslsffan
    Thank you for watching.
    Nice to meet you.
    I like FRISCO painting the most among EMD E7E8.
    I'm sorry, but the gold molding and the red paint on the tip of the cab are especially nice.
    I love FRISCO and MKT's Texas special trains.
    I'm amazed at how quickly the E7 was remodeled into a red-colored E8 type by removing the stainless steel corrugated body three years after it was manufactured from EMD.
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    2. gjslsffan
      I am sorry but know very little about E7 or E8.
      Mar 25, 2022
  10. Aubrey W McBride
    Aubrey W McBride
    Photography of Operation Life Saver at Nichols Junction. AW MCBRIDE.
  11. Grumpster1964
    Former hogger on BNSF in Pacific Northwest. Moved back home to TX & now checking routes & railroads up here in North TX.
  12. Louis Patterson
    Louis Patterson
    Living on the Frisco Everyday
  13. Bruce Cantrall
    Bruce Cantrall meteor910
    I posted your excellent photo of Slago Furnace Company and Railroad to the Facebook Page for "Cook Station Community" with some other info from the state historical society newsletter. Thanks!
  14. Japanese FRISCO railfan
  15. Japanese FRISCO railfan
    Japanese FRISCO railfan
    Ⅰam 66yers old
    1. Japanese FRISCO railfan
      Japanese FRISCO railfan
      I'Ve been interested in American reilroads since i was young. When I saw the Texas Special and Meteor trains,I thought it was a beautiful train. Since then ,Since then, Ihave Been enthusiastic about FRISCO.
      Jan 3, 2022
  16. Japanese FRISCO railfan
    Japanese FRISCO railfan FriscoCharlie
    HI Charlie
    I joined yesterday.
    I'm trying to post a profile for a new member, but I get an error no matter how many times I try.
    I cannot pay $ 5 for Frisco Archive and PayPal Auto-Renewing One-Year $ 24 Donation with Paypal.
    Excuse me, but please tell me how to improve it.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
  17. Jim James
    Jim James SAFN SAAP
    Hey Manny. You still kickin?
  18. Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G.
    Any time is train time!
  19. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Sirfoldalot
    also There could be some questions about mid-air refueling.

    There is a book about the B-36.

    B-36 Peacemaker in action - Aircraft No. 42 Paperback – December 1, 1980
    Meyers K. Jacobsen (Author), Ray Wagner (Author), Don Greer (Author)
    Paperback $14.00
    24 Used from $4.86
  20. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Sirfoldalot
    Hi Sherrel'

    I hope you are OK.

    On Off Topics there is a discussion about the Air Force Museum started by Turky44
    The B-36 became most of the replys

    I raised some questions about the B-36
    about how they operated it with 4 jets and 6 piston motors.

    I also had a comment about the 3 engine DC-10

    You may have some answers?