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  1. Elder Rick Jones
    Elder Rick Jones
    I grew up across the Frisco railroad Olathe, Kansas
  2. Curtiii
    Back in the States permanently.
  3. Bob Cline
    Bob Cline
    I'm a retired circus performer turned circus & carnival historian. I have written several articles in Carnival Midway & Bandwagon magazines.
  4. Peddling Joe
    Peddling Joe
    Did you receive y rfecent $50 condtribution?
  5. Peddling Joe
    Peddling Joe
    card account. This is a painless way for me to make a small contributionl from time to time. Trust you rfeceived it
  6. Peddling Joe
    Peddling Joe
    You recently should have received $50 via Pay Pal or directly from my accumulated credit
  7. dwoomer
    dwoomer Joe Lovett
    Joe, how is Cynthia doing?
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    2. Joe Lovett
      Joe Lovett
      Cynthia is doing great, Thank You.
      Feb 8, 2020
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  8. frisco1522
    frisco1522 rjthomas909
    Are the ALCOs HO and do you have a photo?
  9. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Morailfan
    Thanks for following me ( member mountaincreekar)
    My old boss at Monsanto was Adrian Hutton who had a ranch in the Labadie area.
  10. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar wages
    Hi Curtis

    About the Lost Lake dam failure,
    have you received any formation the
    Forest Service collected about that topic?
    Cook Station; The two spring water pools along the ghost tracks today, were those the same pools when the railroad was the St. Louis Salem & Little Rock?
    pools; Are they stocked with trout and other types of fish?
    Are those pools owned by the resort?
  11. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar MODiesel
    Did the Franklin County Historical Society group ever solve the SIE locomotive pictures?
  12. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar A&O Fan
    I have been trying to find out more about Sligo Furnace Company locomotives # 1,2,3
    and #6 was the Davenport 2-6-0
    There is some local history book in that area that has a picture of the rod loco at Dillard Station. Where did you get your Davenport information?
    Starting layout design using scarm of Rolla Mo to Newburg Mo based in mid 1950's
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  14. Bob
    Bob FriscoCharlie
    Where do I get QA&P HO scale decals?
  15. Turky44
    Turky44 Jesse Henry
    I am back into being interested in the Railroad.

    who was the other person that was in the conversation that we had a few months ago?
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    2. Jesse Henry
      Jesse Henry
      Mountaincreekar (Charles Petit)
      Oct 9, 2019
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  16. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar fireball_magee
    I appreciate the "Likes" you gave.
    Follow my posts which are about "Real Stuff"
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  17. Boatdrinks64
    Historic Railroads and Mines In The Birmingham, Alabama Industrial District
  18. WindsorSpring
    The current camera is a Canon PowerShot SD960.
  19. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar WindsorSpring
    When you take these great picture of trains going by Windsor Spring, what type camera do you use?
  20. William Jackson
    William Jackson
    Yes, travel, dosen't seem very important after you have moved with the railroad 9 times. I really liked it, but am glad it's over.
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