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    So how did Frisco arrive at a color scheme that none of can seem to match? Well it's not entirely their falt and it wasn't done to foil us modelers. In 1965 Frisco played host to EMD GP35 and DD35 demonstrators. The demonstrators spent a couple or so weeks traveling between St. Louis and Springfield. In that time they were not involved in any grade crossing accidents. The Frisco attributed this to the paint scheme applied to the demonstrators and thus ordered all future locomotives in that color. That's a true story

    Do these look familiar?


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    Yep! The Frisco obviously liked the GP35 as they bought a bunch (but the first batch was in black & yellow), but did not go for the DD35 - which was probably overkill for the SLSF. But, it would have been pretty neat seeing these things grind their way up Dixon Hill! The "orange" color EMD used on the demo units was Chevrolet Engine Block Red. Frankly, I like the Frisco version better, with black trucks and fuel tank.

    The GP35 proved to be a pretty good engine through the years, though it was a bit of a maintenance shop hog. The EMD 567 under the hood was working pretty hard to deliver its 2500HP. The '40's, 45's and 38's that followed brought forth the EMD 645, and better reliability.

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    I agree that the demo's are a little on the flashy side. I do like that DD35 and it is too bad that Frisco didn't buy into them. I wonder if left in existence what the paint scheme would look like today?


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    I'd guess that the few DD35's that were sold have all gone to the trade-in scrapper long ago.

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    YEP - Should be able to see that coming at you a mile away.
    HWB -- Nice photos.
    That should put the "paint" question to rest. :)
  6. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

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    Can anyone post a Frisco paint scheme timeline from 1st generation Frisco diesels up to the 1965 change to Redish-Orange & White. Just curious. Photos of each would be nice. - Brandon
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    This isn't a paint scheme timeline but here are the DuPont Paints used to paint various first gen locomotives according to official company literature from Paul M. Meyers, Publicity Manager, April 30 1949.

    Painting of 2000 - 2005 DE Passenger Units

    Body and Roof DuPont Duco Red 254-2460
    Skirt DuPont Duco REd 254-51823
    Roof of Nose DuPont Duco Yellow 254-242
    3 - 4" Stripes on Pilot DuPont Duco Yellow 254-242
    Pilot DuPont Duco Red 254-51823
    Trucks DuPont Duco Aluminum 166-220
    Lettering "The Texas Speical" DuPont Dulux Aluminum 166-220

    Painting of 5000, 5100, 5200 & 5300 DE Freight Units

    Body, Roof & Skirts DuPont Black 154-2234
    Body Stripes DuPont Imitation Gold 254-54292
    Pilot DuPont Black 154-2234
    Roof of Nose Sherwin-Williams Flat Green
    Trucks DuPont Black 88-005
    Lettering "FRISCO" DuPont Imitation Gold 254-54292

    Painting of 660 and 1000 EP DE Switchers

    Body DuPont Duco Black 254-2039

    Body Stripes, Letters, Numbers )
    Foot Board Back Steps_______) DuPont Duco Yellow 249-3104
    Step Stiles, edge of foot boards )

    Hand holds & hand rails Target Yellow Enamel
    Trucks Dupont Black 88-005

    DE = Diesel Electric
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    Probably as good of a timeline as one could find. I'd find it hard to imagine that these would change significantly before the move to orange and white. Thanks very much, Keith - even the details of what parts/what colors is very useful.

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    In regards to the red and white paint scheme, I think its neat that the Frisco red is Chevrolet engine block red, and also the white is General Motors #11 white that has been used on cars and fleet vehicles for decades. A fun fact about the Chevrolet engine red is that it was only used one year, and only on V8 engines. All Chevrolet V8s from 1955-76 were painted Chevrolet orange with the exception being 1956 when they were the red mentioned above. Here is a pic of a 1956 Chevy V8 engine. neat stuff.

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