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  1. Here is a project I just finished a couple nights ago. I haven't posted in forever here but if I am not surfing the web I get models built!! HA Enjoy, car is pretty much ootb but I added cut levers and weathered. Enjoy,Steve

    Here is the prototype amazingly a friend took this in April of this year!!! Hard to believe its condition.

    Here is my attempt with some artistic license used since the cars were not a perfect match to start with:
    The B side:
    Back to the A side:
    The roof and ends:
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    Steve, why don't you describe your techniques? It would help some of us to understand how to get such good results.
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    OK .. I have to ask. Are the last two pictures real? or a model?
    If they are a model ... wow - nicely done!
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  4. Sherrel, thank you very much. I just got lucky they day I shot these. It was about 2pm and the sun was high so the shadows look convincing. Usually I take pretty crappy photos.(n)

    Keith I don't mind at all. Do you want me to add it here or a separate thread?

    Thanks guys,Steve
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    If you would like, start a separate thread entitled Model Railcar Weathering Techniques in the Modeling the Frisco, General, forum.
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  6. Will do Keith. I would enjoy sharing and hope someone can get something out of it.

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