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    Here are some photos of my "QA&P 2-6-6-2" that a friend just finished. Since the QA&P is a 110 mile line all located in West Central Texas, I decided that it needed a 2-6-6-2. While planning this model a year ago Karl let me know that he and Don Wirth had already done something similar...oh well.

    A friend in Ft Worth is a very good painter and locomotive repair person, so he and I did some horse trading (iron horse trading) and he did the model for me. This started life as a PFM Sierra RR 2-6-6-2. We wanted it to look Frisco, so here are the modifications that were done:

    Added the forward sand dome and sand line

    Removed the bell from the top of the boiler and replace it with one on the front of the smokebox cover

    Added a bell pull

    Removed the sanding box on the porch and put a tool box in it's place.

    Moved the check valve from the top of the boiler to the left side and added one to the right side.

    Replace the spoked lead and trailing truck wheels with solid wheels.

    Added cannonball style marker lights on the smokebox using "L" shaped mounting brackets.

    Removed the roundel on the front of the smokebox cover and add a Frisco coonskin.

    Added a doghouse to the tender immediately behind the oil bunker. Oil fired steamers don't have as much of a problem causing prairie fires as coal fired ones, but we thought the hose reel on the rear tender deck might be a nice touch.

    Added a constant light system.

    Frisco's 2-8-8-2's were the 2000 class. I couldn't find a 1900 class in any of Frisco's locomotives. My mother grew up in Quanah as the child of a QA&P lineman and her year of birth was 1930. So we made the locomotive number 1930.

    Anyway, here it is.

    Paul Moore

    IMG_4464 copy.jpg Untitled-1 copy.jpg IMG_4456 copy.jpg IMG_4465 copy.jpg
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    I basically did the same thing with a Sierra 2-6-6-2 that was a junker when I bought it. I converted it into a perfect replica of an engine that never existed, but it was fun. Another member owns it now.

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    The one you made looks terrific, Don. Karl has sent me photos of it. Did you modify the noisy mechanism? Mine still has the gravel grinder PFM / Atlas drive system. It runs good, just noisy.


    Paul Moore
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    Love that QA&P loco! I had thoughts of doing something similar, some time ago. Glad to you did this.
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    Thanks, Tom. It fits in well with the era and equipment I model.

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    No, it still sounded like a coffee grinder. It does have a Tsunami in it which covered up some of the noise. If I did it again, I would replace the drive.
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