O Gauge Wooden Caboose

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  1. Looking for a relatively simple way to model a Frisco wooden caboose. This is my first repaint/decal effort in many years and first in O gauge. This is a K-Line wooden caboose, repainted, decals are MicroScale #48-333, smoke jack is Grandt Line #143. Added some Evergreen car siding to cover the metal grating end platforms. This model is inspired by caboose I photographed in 1967 in Springfield. I did not do any rework of the end railings or brake wheel, which would make the model much more accurate, but would also be beyond the effort I wanted to spend on this. I think this is a good representation.
    The last model picture is for fun--comparison of this model with an HO Hallmark brass model from 1969. The O gauge is much easier to work on and less fussy than HO for old eyes and fingers.
    Photo from April 30, 1967 shows the car remodeled with plywood siding, but I like the car siding look, so the model represents the car at an earlier time. The photo provides the inspiration. IMG_0058.jpg IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0067.jpg Wooden caboose Sprfld 4 30 1967.jpg
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    Beautiful work
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    Can 2 rail O scale wheeled trucks run on the 3 rail track as shown?
    Talking about cars here not locos!
  4. The trucks are standard K-Line trucks. I'm not familiar enough with O scale 2 rail, but I would think you could change out the wheel sets or replace the trucks with scale for 2 rail. Trucks are fastened with a machine screw through the floor, so access is good (once you remove the body).
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    Depends on the trucks and the tracks.

    Track that has a more-or-less prototypical flat railhead profile --GarGraves, Atlas, MTH, Ross--will run most 2-rail wheels/trucks. Switches are a separate problem, as the frogs and guard rails are made for much wider treads and flanges. Most tubular track types will not run most 2-rail wheels/trucks (old Atlas & AHM are exceptions).

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