O gauge 2021 Manufacturers Railway Company flat car

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  1. I would guess that the Frisco and the St. Louis Manufacturers Railway
    bumped into each others on the railway parking lot downtown.

    Limited Edition
    On the Manufacturers Railway Company flat car is an impressive heavy
    Budweiser die cast truck.

    Menards Model Number: SKU: 2793560. 2021 Limited Edition.

    In 1887, Adolphus Busch founded the Manufacturers
    Railway Company. This short-line track
    contained 13.5 miles of track,
    A favorite of many railroad enthusiasts because of
    its long history, this line not only streamlined their
    beer delivery system, but it was also used
    to ship everything from bags to boilers and
    bathtubs along the St. Louis riverfront.
    In the 1940s, the beer railroad maintained 42 miles
    of track, and continued shipping for the brewery
    until its last run on March 13, 2011.]

    O Gauge Manufacturers Railway Flatcar with Budweiser® Truck [a highway style truck]
    Model Number: 2793560 Menards ® SKU: 2793560.
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