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    I know it's not much but this was at the beginning of the movie 'Pete Kelly's Blues' 177202475_488665768844511_5678870086556087210_n.jpg 177230298_470146790948716_2022844756546195148_n.jpg 178705336_503057717537053_8188360172433152522_n.jpg 176525159_319168299550752_4252487289194496469_n.jpg starring Jack Webb.
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    That’s good enough for me. Didnt know he did anything other than Dragnet (which I will watch on MeTV between 5-6am if I’m moving that early)
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    Some years ago, Gordon Parks who grew up in Ft. Scott had a movie which I can't remember the name but had some Frisco in it.
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  4. Karl

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    The Learning Tree

    The Frisco presence consisted of about 10 outside braced Frisco boxcars and a three-window, wood caboose. The power was not shown on screen, but the soundtrack had the sound of a steam locomotive to complete the illusion. It was filmed in the Ft Scott area
  5. frisco1522

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    Of course the John Wayne movie, Wings of Eagles shot in Pensacola. The 3749 was to be used, but for reasons I can't remember a diesel shoved the consist of Frisco cars through the scene.
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    The Wings of Eagles is on Youtube. The short sections with the Frisco train start at 26 seconds in:

  7. qaprr

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    Nice Article in the Feb , 1957 ALL ABOARD with Photos. Reason for not using the 3749 "Its 77 Tons was squeezed into a 11 foot Wheelbase. The Bridge Panels were 12 feet long, which meant each panel would have to support the full weight of the engine." The Frisco Engineering Dept. concluded it would be a life shortening strain on the structure.
    Mike L
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    Wonder what was shoving those cars? You here a steam loco chuffing but no smoke. Probably cloud out the scene.
    Bet it was a 45 ton!
    Keep in mind this movie was made in 1957!
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  9. qaprr

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    Navy's 44 Ton Switching Diesel with a longer wheel base per the "ALL ABOARD" article.
    Mike L
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  10. frisco1522

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    Frisco had 3749 spiffed up and running, but the film had a diesel shoving it. Shame. 3749 was in steam late at an Alabama prison in Atmore, AL. I'm posting this from a bad memory, but the company magazine All Aboard had an article in it.
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