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    These maps are concentrate on the industrial trackage in Kansas City's West Bottoms, north of West 12th Street. Most of the trackage and all of the locomotive facilities shown are those of other area railroads.

    The first map shows from north to south the Chicago Great Western (CGW) Ohio Street Yard and roundhouse, the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Libery Street Yard and at the very south the few Frisco tracks near the Armour Packing Company facility. Our tracks were north of West 8th Street near the Kansas - Missouri state line, west of Mulberry Street.

    The second map shows a larger view of the same area, including more of the CGW Freight House. Near the right edge are our tracks curving to the south by Rudy Patrick Seed that run down the middle of Santa Fe Street.

    The third map shows an even larger view of the same area over the west bluffs. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri is above the bluff off the right edge of the map. In the lower right corner is the triple level West 12th Street Viaduct. Just to its north is the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (CB&Q) 12th Street Yard and roundhouse. To its north is the old Union Depot (not to be confused with Kansas City Union Station), the Wabash Freight House, the Kansas City Terminal (KCT) Railway's four track mains between the East Bottoms and West Bottoms, ultimately crossing the Kansas River leading to Union Pacific's Armordale and Rock Island's Armstrong Yards to the west.

    Continuing north are the seven story National Biscuit factory and the Kansas City Southern - Milwaukee Road Joint Agency Freight House. These are just to the east of the wyes, south of the Intercity Viaduct (today's Interstate Highway 70 (I-70). At the top left hand corner the tracks of the CGW and MP join before crossing the Kansas River at Kaw Point, the confluence of the Kansas River into the Missouri River. Near the southeast corner of the lower middle lettering block are the Misouri Pacific (MP) and original Union Pacific (UP) Freight Houses.

    The Frisco's main yards, 19th Street and Rosedale, engine facilities (at 19th Street) and vast majority of its tracks in the area are further to the south of these maps.

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