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    Hanging on my office wall - great country, great railroad.

    Sorry about the top down view - had to do that to get the overhead light reflections off of the map. This system map is undated, but it is mid-1960's or later as the lead line is included. Does anybody know the date this was issued? It's fairly common - have had this one for years, recently had it framed. I see this map now and then on eBay. It's 29" x 41", uses up a lot of wall.

    I also recently picked up a 1951 black & white system map, 21" x 30". Unfortunately it is on paper and is folded like a road map. Pretty neat though - shows a lot of the stations and the competitive interchange points.

    I also recently got a 1936 system map, 17" x 25", also on paper and folded, that shows the mileage between major points on the system. Strange that it doesn't include Newburg as a mileage point. This must have been done for shippers - little freight loading and unloading was done at Newburg.

    Will see what I can do about posting these latter two.


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    Hoxie Sub is gone....makes the map at least post-1966
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    That's very nice Ken. Who wouldn't want that hanging on their wall? :)

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    Here's a close-up of the SLSF system portion of the framed Frisco USA map I have hanging on my office wall.


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    The Springfield depot station master's desk had one of these (or similiar) maps under the glass. I always drooled over it and when I heard the depot was going to be torn down, I went down there and looked for it. But it was gone along with all the nice oak funiture, waiting room benches and counters. I did find a few passenger train consists and some other documents. I could have gotten a LOT more but I was afraid what the "authorities" might do to a trespasser. I shouldn't have been worried though, transients had been in there and used the documents and teletype papers to start fires..

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    I have been given a large stash of Frisco information that showed up unannounced, including some older stuff. Once I see what all is in here, I'm sure there will be more goodies to post.

    Here's one thing that I quickly found - an old Frisco System map. A copy is attached as a .jpg file.

    The Springfield-KC lines caught my eye, as did the south-central Missouri lines.

    Can anyone estimate the date of this map?


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  7. I'd place it between 1901 and 1903.

    * The former KCFS&M lines are included as part of the Frisco system, which places it after the 1901 absorption of that system. (Interestingly, the thinner line representing the KCC&S suggests some ambivalence about its status in the system.)

    * The Fort Worth & Rio Grande is shown as part of the system, but extending only to Brownwood. From the Handbook of Texas: "The road was acquired in 1901 by the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company (Frisco), which financed a fifty mile extension to Brady that opened in 1903...."

    * There's no trace of the St. Louis Brownsville & Mexico, the Frisco system subsidiary that built what later became the MoPac's Gulf Coast Lines. It was chartered in June 1903.

    * The St. Louis & North Arkansas, interestingly, is shown as part of the Frisco system despite its separate identity. It's shown as extending to Harrison, Arkansas. The online Encyclopedia of Arkansas states that the StL&NA reached Harrison in April 1901 and extended to Leslie in September 1903.
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    Definitely late 1901, the KCFS&M, Sapulpa-Iriving & Anthony branch are included, but the line west of OKC & River Division is not.

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    Adding to what Bradley and Roger have already cited, I'd say 1902 or before. That's the year the old St. Louis, Memphis & Southeastern constructed their line between Southeastern Jct. and Cape Girardeau in 1902. Nary a sign of the StLM&SE.

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    Stouffer's railroad map of Kansas

    This map shows the railroad lines across the state of Kansas, including express companies and suburban electric railways.

    Creator: Stouffer, J. W.

    Date: 1915-1918

    Kansas Memory Web Site, Kansas Historical Society
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    Kansas Historical Society Collection:

    Published in Camp's Emigrant's Guide (1881), this map depicts the railroad lines between Kansas and Southwest Missouri. The railroad lines that are illustrated include: the Kansas City, Ft. Scott and Gulf, and the Kansas City, Lawrence and Southern Kansas Railroad. ( )

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    Joplin and Pittsburg Railway Company (Interurban) Map 1913. For some reason, in the U. Texas library collection. Shows many of the Frisco Lines in SE Kansas and SW Missouri at the time.

  13. Map looks like ~1966.
    It shows the branch to Buick,
    with the lead jct. was north of Keysville.
    The way it was shown could be confused with the Sligo & Eastern RR.
    but it is not. ( The Sligo Branch ,off the Salem Branch, was decommissioned from service in ~ 1931. But the Goltra jct. may of still had a short spur still used as a passing track or storeage
    for some time later ),

    The map shows the Mansfield branch to Central past Midland and short of Mansfield which had been removed.
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  14. [​IMG]

    map shows Central was after

    1970 Frisco line between Huntington and Central abandoned
    date of map ? map shows Central as end of the branch

    map does not show
    1978 Frisco line between Midland and Central abandoned

    The Frisco's Mansfield Branch
    by Tom Duggan
    1803.pdf p 14 of 18:

    Midland mp 440.2 Built in 1910 it had a 24 x 57 frame depot.
    Around Midland was Ark. Coal & Mining Company owned by the Frisco.
    mp 442.3 Burma was a station sign No sign for the prior Red Rock.
    mp 442.5 Arkoal 16 x 12 depot w/scale for coal cars

    Central mp 443.3 Central Coke & Coal Co. had various mines

    Huntsville mp 445 In 1918, 24 'dia. wood water tank;
    had 16 x 18 frame depot, w/ 16 x 49 cotton loading platform
    & small house for a section crew motor car
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    Thanks for the maps and link.

    The Mansfield Branch article was indicated to be "Part 1". Do you know if "Part 2" was ever completed/published?

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  17. yes, part 2 & 3 also

    Tom, John & Mike have done a lot to help fill in the blanks about the ever changing Mansfield Branch.
    The Frisco’s Mansfield Branch By Tom Duggan
    A look at the Frisco Mansfield Branch, Sebastian County, Arkansas By John Dill
    The Final Years of the Frisco’s Mansfield Branch By Mike Sypult

    When researching it these led me to a little more. Now I have to find my files. ?
    There were some other discussions on about this neat branch also.
    One of the best is
    were John has tons of info.

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  18. Mansfield Branch Attachments

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  19. Map of Frisco row s in Kansas City, MO shows all track details.
    Map has 2-D scrolling and zoom in & out abilities.[id]=b4e60ece2fe058d5f066&solr_nav[page]=0&solr_nav[offset]=1
    Title Frisco Lines
    Map of Frisco Lines in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO, showing tracks in vicinity of Santa Fe Street
    and Packingtown Main, January 1, 1917. Map has “Recvd 10-26-30” written on it.

    #1 Attachment is a stagnant map of the central yards showing the roundhouse.
    ......Kansas-City-MO-Frisco--map-center-area-of main yard-download (64).png
    #2 Attachment is a stagnant map of most yards in KC yard.
    #3 Attachment is a stagnant map of most track row s in all of Kansas City.
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