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  1. mark

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    I am looking for copies of the Industry Schematics. Specifically I need these for Enid, OK.

    Frisco produced these general line drawings of tracks, structure outlines and they are keyed to industry numbers and names. They include major door location spot numbers, docks, loading chutes, tank car connection spots, etc. Often in larger cities and towns these are broken out by geographic "zones".

    Mike Corley has been kind enough to post the Industry Schmatics for the major terminals of Memphis and Tulsa. I know that each of the other major terminals and many individual towns had Industry Schematics available.

    These are excellent tools as they can be used for locating track arrangements, to some extent car types and prototype industries to model. The information is also valuable for completing car cards or other car routing systems and switch lists.

    Please check your records stash for this information and share by posting in the correct Division topic.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. Karl

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    I have the Enid schematics. I am in the middle of high school baseball season, and it may be a while before I can get them scanned.
  3. mark

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    Thank you so much!

    Ultimately we all need to work together to beef out this site's library with these and other town Industry Schematics. They are a great for reference tool. It would be wonderful to have these posted by sub-division for each station.

    Like the Sanbord Maps that have been added almost daily over the last few weeks, they really give a great picture of trackage and industries by city. These can be combined with the "modern" mapping tools (terra server, google maps, etc.) to help establish prototype track design that can be duplicated in model form.

    In addition, the information they contain can be used for car routing systems to develop waybills for car cards, switch lists, etc. They also give a general indication of traffic volume by industry based on the number of car spots (multiple doors, car dumps, tank car spots, etc.).

    I would really appreciate receiving a hard copy if you are willing to photocopy and mail. I would gladly pay reproduction and mailing costs. In addition I am looking forward to seeing these posted for all to use.

    Again thank you so much for your help!

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    I'm working on finding the Sanborn maps and other pics/info on Carthage, Missouri in the '50's over the next few weeks of my vacation - including a visit to the Carthage Library, Jasper County Courthouse, Powers Museum, and Missouri State Archives microfilm. I'll post in a month or so what I find!|-|

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    Karl, if you can still find those schematics, do you think you could upload them please?
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    Thanks a bunch Keith.

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