Enid, OK Industry Schematics

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    From the Richard E. Napper Memorial Collection come the Frisco Industry Schematics for Enid,OK 04-01-1973

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    I knew Enid was a Frisco hotbed; however, after looking at these schematics, Enid by itself would make quite the dandy switching layout.

    Anyone out there currently modeling Enid?
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    I've been working on some new layout plans, and Enid is an option in some of them. Thats why I had requested this document last week.
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    I finally had the time to draw out the old paper file into Google Earth for easier viewing. Just download the kmz file and open it using either the Google Earth desktop program, or there is now a browser version you don't have to download.


    I'm not as familiar with Enid as I am with Joplin. For structures and track that are no longer in place all I have are old grainy overhead photos to look at and try to figure out what was where. Some of the locations are approximations that I made using old photos and the track schematic. If you see something that looks way out of place, let me know and I'll update it. The Champlin Refinery is very approximated being that I couldn't pick out any details at all in the old photos, its 100% me guessing where the spurs were based off the schematic.

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    The topo maps are hit and miss. Sometimes they will show industry sidings and sometimes they don't. I didn't think to mention them earlier, but they are a small piece of the puzzle.
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    Personally, I find them quite helpful when I can't find much else. (i.e. Beggars can't be choosers.) However, no biggie. Live and learn.
  8. I have not found a way to copy caltopo maps. Maybe they can be printed out.

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