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    Oh boy, you know no matter how much you check something mistakes always seem to slip thru.

    1) 1909-Lowell to Limedale, true this was Monte Ne RR, actually Arkansas, Oklahoma & Western RR (a pet project of mine), when they took over Monte Ne they wanted a direct connection so they tunnelled under Frisco about 2-miles north of Lowell and abandoned Lowell to Limedale.
    2) 1918-Kansas City & Memphis RY, my mistake those were codes I put in to catch my eye because I need to put the correct predecessor company in, but forgot before posting. This Kansas City & Memphis RY is not to be confused with the Kansas City & Memphis RR which was inc. in Missouri on 11/9/1872 and sold to Springfield & Western Missouri RR on 2/24/1879.
    3) 1927 Black Mountain & Eastern RR (Combs, Cass & Eastern as of 5/13/1916) another pet project, the only info on this I could find on this was from the book "Shortlines RR's of Arkansas" by Clifton E. Hull. I understand some of the roadbed around Frazier was converted to a forest road by the CCC in the 1930's.
    4) 1942-McNair, AR.-Ft.Gibson, OK., now this clears up a bit of confusion. I ran across the 7/28/1942 abandonment date but a better source stated that the track removal crews began work at Westville, OK. on 7/10/1942 and worked in opposite directions from Westville. Since the goverment needed the steel for WWII this makes a lot of sense. It wouldn't take a crew more than 2-3 weeks to pull up 45-miles of track. It's true that officially the abandonment began at McNair (a suburb of Fayetteville) westward, however in later years the portion of the predecessor company (Ozark & Cherokee Central) from the Fayetteville depot south & west to a lumber yard just east of the SLSF overpass was abandoned. The portion from there to McNair was still in service as of 3/26/96 ironically ending in another lumber yard. Hopefully I'll get to work on the new abandonment list in the next week or two. Roger.
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    Frisco Abandonments - 1880 - 2006

    Here is the updated abandonment list, my pet projects (non-SLSF) are listed in parethenses.

    Frisco Abandonments-

    1880-Weir City to Messer, KS.
    1891-Hunnewell Jct. to Hunnewell, KS. 2.5-miles
    1894-Corliss (DeSoto Jct) to Olathe, KS. 11.5-miles
    1895-Valley Center to Halstead, KS. 8.9-miles
    1896?-Salem to Simmon's Iron Mountain, MO. 1.2-miles
    1899-1905-Bangert to Condrary, MO.
    1900-Howes to Plank Iron Mines, MO. 5.0-miles
    1902-Raymore Jct. to Pleasant Hill, MO. 7.8-miles
    1904-Harlan Jct. to Tracy Jct., MO. (Ex-KCO&S) 2.5-miles
    1906-Litchfield Jct. to Litchfield, KS. 3.3-miles
    1906-Campbell to Caligoa, MO. 7.9-miles
    1906-Rich Hill to Carbon Centre, MO. 5.0-miles
    1909-Lowell to Limedale, AR. (MNRR) 2.0-miles
    1909-New Home Junction to New Home, MO. 3.0-miles
    1912-Rolla to Houston, MO. (Never Built)
    1916?-Salem to Riverside Mines, MO.
    1917?-Cape Girardeau to Illmo, MO. (CG&C)
    1918-Frisco Jct. to Olathe, KS. 1.6-miles
    1918-Rogers to Siloam Springs, AR. (KC&M)
    1918-Hazelwood to Piney, AR. (KC&M)
    1918-Fayetteville to Cave Springs, AR. (KC&M)
    1918-Winona to Camp 5 (Wilderness), MO. (OLC)
    1918?-Brosely to Ash Hill, MO.
    1918?-Qulin to Menorkenut, MO.
    1919-Pittsburg to Kramer, KS.
    1920-Perryville Jct. to W.Chester, MO. (CG&C) 5.0-miles
    1920-Perryville Jct. to Saline Jct., MO. (CG&C) 7.0-miles
    1920-Saline Jct. to Farmington, MO. (CG&C)
    1920-Saline Jct. to Jackson, MO. (CG&C) 41.0-miles
    1922?-Cape Giradeau to Jackson, MO. (CG&C) 10.0-miles
    1925-Combs to Cass, AR. (CC&E) 16.01-miles
    1926-Fremont to Midco, MO. 2.0-miles
    1926-Lowry City Jct. to Harlan Jct., MO. 13.5-miles
    1927-Sedgwick to Iris, AR. (CVRR)
    1927-Iris to Light, AR. (CVRR)
    1927-Iris to Paragould, AR. (CVRR)
    1927/Feb.06-Brownwood to May, TX. 27.?-miles
    1927/Oct.-Linton, KS. to Rich Hill, MO. 19.9-miles
    1928/Aug.30-Stanley, KS. to Belton, MO. 9.0-miles
    1928-West Eminence to Horse Hollow, MO. (SW&S) 5.8-miles
    1929-Winona Junction to West Eminence, MO. (SW&S) 15.7-miles
    1929-Bixby to East End (Rulon), MO. (S&E) 7.0-miles
    1929-South Clinton to Deepwater, MO. 14.0-miles
    1930-Sligo to Buick, MO. (S&E) 27.0-miles
    1930-Brownwood to Aquilla, MO. 9.83-miles
    1930-Bloomfield to Campbell, MO. 33.58-miles
    1930-Tallipoosa to Frailey, MO. 2.59-miles
    1930/Jan.31-Bristow to Nuyaka, OK. (OSW) 24.1-miles
    1933-No.Jennings to Jennings, OK. 1.3-miles
    1934-McDaniel to Tipperary, AR. 9.37-miles
    1934-Yukon to Deering, MO. 9.37-miles
    1934-Frailey to Wardell, MO. 8.11-miles
    1934-Arkansas City to Geuda Sprs. KS. (X-SLSF) 6.3-miles
    1934-Olathe to Stanley, KS. 8.2-miles
    1934-Weir Jct. to Weir City, KS. 2.9-miles
    1934-Galena to Hero Mine Spur, KS.
    1934-Joplin to Prosperity Junction, MO.
    1934-Joplin, MO. to Empire, KS. (X-KCFS&M)
    1934-Webb City to Rex Branch Junction, MO.
    1934-Ozark to Chadwick, MO. 15.71-miles
    1934-Bangert to DeCamp, MO. 12.46-miles
    1934-Goltra to Sligo, MO. 6.29-miles
    1934-South Greenfield to Miller, MO. 11.76-miles
    1934-Carterville, MO. to Galena, KS. 15.33-miles
    1934-Weir City to Mackie, KS. 5.36-miles
    1934-Kiersey to Texas Jct., OK. 9.24-miles
    1934/March 14-Illmo to Brooks Jct. 21.9-miles
    1934/March 14-Vanduser to Bloomfield, MO. 17.62-miles
    1934/March-Brownwood to Zalma, MO. 8.57-miles
    1934/Aug.27-Brownwood to Lowry City Jct. 5.8-miles
    1935/May-Belton to South Clinton, MO. 61.2-miles
    1935/May-Tracy Junction to Phenix, MO. 35.0-miles
    1935-Bono to Algoa, AR. 35.75-miles
    1935-Pascola to Wardell, MO. 6.4-miles
    1935-Pascola to Yukon, MO.
    1935-Osprey Jct. to McDaniel, AR. 6.60-miles
    1935-Grandin, MO. .66-miles
    1935-Mansfield to Ava, MO. (KC,Ozark&S)
    1936-Salesville Jct. to Graford, TX. 11.0-miles
    1937/July 30-Fayette Jct. to Pettigrew, AR. 41.32-miles
    1938-Williamsville to Chicopee, MO. 46.6-miles
    1938-Hunter to Grandin, MO. 5.4-miles
    1939/June-Wappapello to Williamsville, MO. 20.3-miles
    1939-Jacksboro to Mineral Wells, TX. 10.2-miles
    1939-Jonesboro to North Nettleton, AR. 4.42-miles
    1940/Sept.9-Bentonville, AR. to Grove, OK. 41.01-miles
    1940-Wyandotte to Fairland, OK. (Relocation) 7.5-miles
    1940-Caruthersville to Grassy Bayou, MO. 6.41-miles
    1940-Amorel to Barfield, AR. 2.06-miles
    1940-Wilson to Stoffles Landing, AR. 1.52-miles
    1940?-Midway to Osceola, AR.
    1940?-Midway to Luxora, AR.
    1940?-Luxora to Moore's Landing, AR.
    1941-Mingo to Wappapello, MO. 4.5-miles
    1942/July 28-McNair, AR. to Dills, OK. 91.16-miles
    1942-Caruthersville, MO. .49-miles
    1942-Ash Grove to Phenix, MO. 5.91-miles
    1943-LePanto to West Ridge, AR. 6.49-miles
    1943-Mead to Madill, OK. 16.63-miles
    1943/April-Seymour to Jacksboro, TX. (X-SLSF) 75.??-miles
    1950/March-Mount Vernon to Miller, MO. 8.23-miles
    1951-Popular Bluff, MO. to Piggott, AR. 32.76-miles
    1952-Cherry Valley Jct. to Cherry Valley, MO. 6.0-miles
    1956-Carbon Hill to Howard, AL. (SLSF?)
    1956/Sept.10-Exeter to Cassville, MO. (C&E) 4.5-miles
    1957-Davidson, OK. to Vernon, TX. 15.32-miles
    1957-Depew to Tidal, OK. 12.46-miles
    1957-Granby to Granby Mines, MO. 1.50-miles
    1958-West Kennett, MO. to Piggott, AR. 13.5-miles
    1959-Girard to Pittsburg, KS. 10.5-miles
    1959-Opolis, KS. to Carl Jct., MO. 11.8-miles
    1959?-Huntington to Mansfield, AR. 2.9-miles
    1960-Dennis to Cherryvale, KS. 9.6-miles
    1965/Dec.1-Nash, MO. to Pocahontas, AR. 103.5-miles
    1965-DeBardeleben to Sipsey, AL. 4.4-miles
    1965-Scullin to Sulphur, OK. 8.7-miles
    1966/April-Bonita to Hillsdale, KS. (2nd main) 10.8-miles
    1967/June 16-Nettleton to Lake City, AR. 16.0-miles
    1967/June 20-Wilson Jct. to Wilson, AR. 23.0-miles
    1967/Nov.21-Cravensville to Scammon, KS.
    1967/Nov.21-Scammon to Carona, KS.
    1967/Dec.5-Dills to Bacone, OK. 5.4-miles
    1967-Kennett, MO. to West Kennett, MO. 4.5-miles
    1968-Tanner to Parma, MO. 24.4-miles
    1970?-Central to Huntington, AR. 1.2-miles
    1971-Picher, OK. to Cravensville, KS. 1.6-miles
    1972-Winona to Chicopee, MO. 22.9-miles
    1972-Oronogo to Webb City, MO. (out of service) 9.1-miles
    1972-Senath, MO. to Leachville, AR. 15.6-miles
    1972-Geauda Sprs. to Metcalf, KS. (X-SLSF) 36.2-miles
    1973-Holcomb to Campbell, MO. 6.9-miles
    1973-Gibson to Parma, MO. 28.5-miles
    1973-Clarkton to Malden, MO. 8.0-miles
    1973/Oct.13-Okmulgee to Muskogee, OK. 39.2-miles
    1974-Tanner to Vanduser, MO. 4.8-miles
    1976-Parsons to Dennis, KS. 6.7-miles
    1976-Mindenmines, MO to Pittsburg, KS. 6.0-miles
    1976-Pittsburg to Opolis, KS. 7.2-miles
    1977/Jan.-Tyronza Jct. to Lepanto, AR. 11.2-miles
    1977-Beaumont to Winfield, KS. 42.5-miles
    1978-Blytheville to Lake City, AR. 38.4-miles
    1978/May 15-Brooks Junction to Vanduser, MO. 3.8-miles
    1978/Oct.15-Blairstown to Osceola, MO. 47.1-miles
    1978?-Midland to Central, AR. 3.8-miles
    1979-Aliceville to Reform, AL. 20.6-miles
    1979-East Lynne to Blairstown, MO. 17.8-miles
    1979-Osceola to Bolivar, MO. 38.4-miles
    1979-W.S.Jct. to Hays, MO. .5-miles
    1980?-Midland to Central, AR. 3.8-miles
    1980/Feb.27-Aliceville to York, AL. 50.9-miles
    1980/Nov.-Wister to Antlers, OK. 88.8-miles
    1981/May 5-Paducah to Floydada, TX. 67.2-miles
    1982-Kennett to Holcomb, MO. 11.9-miles
    1982-Kennett to Senath, MO. 9.1-miles
    1982-Enid to Winfield, OK. 71.1-miles
    1982-Madill to Ardmore, OK. 24.2-miles
    1982-Baxter Springs, KS. to Picher, OK. 5.9-miles
    1982-Picher, OK. to Treece, KS. 0.3-miles
    1982-Picher to Central Mill, OK. 2.8-miles
    1982-Central Mill to Quapaw, OK. 3.7-miles
    1982-Central Mill to Miami, OK. 6.2-miles
    1982-Century Jct., KS. to Century, OK. 2.0-miles
    1982-Cardin Jct. to Cardin, OK. 2.0-miles
    1983-Willow Springs to Winona, MO. 38.6-miles
    1983-Kissick to Ozark, MO. 8.3-miles
    1983-Winfield to Brookside, AL. 9.3-miles
    1983-Pratt City to Bessemer, AL. 10.8-miles
    1983-Birmingham, AL. Street Trackage 2.0-miles
    1984-Lead Jct. to Salem, MO. 26.2-miles
    1984-Aurora to Mt.Vernon, MO. 11.6-miles
    1985-Poteau to Wister, OK. 8.5-miles
    1985-Carl Jct. to J&G Jct. (Joplin), MO. 11.3-miles
    1985/May 18-Hayti to Caruthersville, MO. 7.4-miles
    1985?-Jenson to Midland, AR. 10.7-miles
    1986-Walport to Pocahontas, AR. 11.19-miles
    1986-Ellsworth to Lorriane, KS. 13.8-miles
    1986-Medora to Lyons, KS. 25.9-miles
    1986-Thomas Jct. to 18th St. Birmingham, AL. 5.0-miles
    1987-Arcadia, KS. to Mindenmines, MO. 13.7-miles
    1987-Acme to Paducah, TX. 37.2-miles
    1987-Metcalf to Anthony, KS. (X-SLSF)
    1988-So.Galena to Empire, KS. 3.?-miles
    1989-Dodson to Grandview, MO. 6.6-miles
    1989-Peculiar to East Lynne, MO. 15.1-miles
    1989-Dora to Debardeleben, AL. 9.6-miles
    1990-Cherokee to West Parsons, KS. 25.3-miles
    1991-Joplin to Webb City, MO. 6.3-miles
    1992-York to Bucks (Calvert), AL. 118.1-miles
    1994-Willard to Bolivar, MO. 29.1-miles
    1994-Valley Center to Medora, KS.
    1995-Belton to Peculiar, MO. 8.5-miles
    1997/May 29-Lyons to Lorraine, KS. 17.0-miles
    1997-Baxter Springs to So.Galena, KS. 8.1-miles
    1999-Hayti to Kennett, MO. 17.9-miles
    1999-Hoxie to Walport, AR.
    1999-Walport to College City, AR.
    2000-Severy to Augusta, KS.
    2002/May 23 Columbus, KS. to Carthage, MO. 28.25-miles
    ????-Nimmons, AR. to Campbell, MO. post-1915
    ????-Nimmons to Webbers Mill, AR. post-1915
    ????-W.Kennett to Buckhorn, AR. post-1915
    ????-Burnham to Cordz, MO. ????
    ????-Valley Park to Times Beach, MO. (2nd Mainline)
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    hi i have a friend that has land nest to what they are marking compton in the central district can anyone tell me where to find info on this place? this is the first place i've found to look. thanks for any help
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    About 3 months Alan Eisenberg posted a message asking for information on certain SLSF lines to which I replied. After several exchanges I realized that there were a lot of errors. For example, the entire KC-Memphis line was listed as built by the Kansas City, Ft.Scott &amp; Memphis. It was a good base history of what became Frisco, however there was a little more to the story.

    What developed was the most documented &amp; correct history of the predecessor companies that became Frisco to date. Alan gave me a free rein in writing this document. Everything in this file was researched and verified by myself from the official Frisco records at the University of Missouri.

    This file contains the construction/abandonment of the entire BNSF system including Frisco at the time of the SLSF/BN merger in 1980. However, some segments have been researched back way before the merger. The Current River &amp; Pochantas branches for example.
    Enjoy and if anyone was a question or something to add, let me know. RRT
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    Compton was nothing but a signage on the Fort Smith-Hugo line, at least in the later years of the Frisco's operation. It was commonly known by the locals -- including Frisco employees -- as Compton's Hollow (affectionately pronounced "holler"), and can be found with that name on some topographic maps of LeFlore and Latimer Counties. Compton is located a few miles north of present Talihina, and south of the little mountain community of Bengal, OK.
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    Re: General Divisions- Compton, OK.

    Compton was at Milepost 478.9 on the Central Divisions's Arthur Subdivision. It shows up in Employee Timetables (Compton had a telephone) but generally did not show up in Passenger timetables in the later years.The June 11, 1944 Central Division Employee Time Table shows Compton as a required stop versus a flag stop.
  8. Re: General Divisions- Compton, OK.

    This may be because it was at the top of the grade over Winding Stair Mountain. According to Joe Collias's Frisco Power, helpers were frequently used on this grade and there was a turning wye a little ways south of Compton at a place called Lamberson. Trains preparing to drop down the grade in either direction may have been required to stop to check their brakes before heading downhill.

    The 1991 USGS topographical map available through shows a siding at Compton. The Lamberson wye is not shown, but its location can be inferred from the contour lines on the map.

    Interestingly, the little valley leading off to the east of Lamberson is called Crusher Hollow. Does anyone know whether there actually was a rock-crusher at that location?

    Bradley A. Scott
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    Re: Division Map

    I was Roadmaster on the Hoxie Sub from 1963 to 1964. The Hoxie Sub was abandoned circa 1965. I was Safety Supervisor for the Southern Division from 1964 to 1965 headquartered in Memphis. I remember riding locals on the Jonesboro-Leechville sub and rock trains on the Wilson Branch. In circa 1964 the Frisco underwent one of its many reorganizations moving the train dispatchers from the divisions to the operating headquarters in Springfield, MO. In this reorganization the Superrintendents at Amory and Chaffee were eliminated with one Superintendent in Memphis. The remaining Engineering personel at Chaffee and Amory were moved to Memphis with one Division Engineer. Likewise the Mechanical Dept. was consolidated with a Master Mechanic in Memphis. The two major terminals at Memphis and Birmingham were not affected by the reorganization. In my opinion this map was published at the time of the reorganization circa 1964. C. Brandt May

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