Frisco Steam Salute by Don Wirth

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    From Michael C. Kelly on Anything Frisco, SLSF St Louis San Francisco Railroad Facebook group:

    "I am honored to be the publisher of Don Wirth’s first book: Frisco Steam Salute

    I am beyond thrilled to announce the next book I am publishing: “Frisco Steam Salute”! This book is written by renown Frisco steam authority Don Wirth, and features a classic black & white study of the steam power employed by the St Louis - San Francisco Railway in the 1930s & 40s.
    The book will be hardcover 8x11 in landscape format, predominantly black & white with some colorized shots as well as coverage of Don’s personal favorite 4-8-2, #1522. The photos are from Don’s private collection of negatives from dear friend Joe Collias, as well as William K Barham, Lucius Beene, Ivan Oaks, R.S. Plummer and others.
    The study will be in locomotive numerical order, with Don’s knowledge of each class of locomotives and train operations, and will end with a tribute to 1522.
    This is a book not to be missed by steam fans, has a target release date of April-May 2021. Cover price will be $39.95, but will be available beginning 90-days out from delivery for $35. Stay tuned for updates!"
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    I would like to pre-order one!
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  3. Same here. Congrats to Don also!!
  4. meteor910

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    Absolutely - count on a pre-order from me! Super, Don!

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    Mike forgot to mention that they are all action shots, no roster shots, no history beyond the captions just a picture book. And anyone who knows me knows NO DIESELS!
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  6. qaprr

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    Way to go Don, now I know what you are doing with all of your negatives! Very impressive!
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  7. fredman23

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    Good old Lucius Beebe, and his longtime companion, Charles Clegg.
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  8. Karl

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    Should be a good’n'
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  9. palallin

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    I'm in for one!
  10. Joe Lovett

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    I would like one please.

  11. Sirfoldalot

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    I'm gonna wait for the movie! :D
  12. WindsorSpring

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    Oh yeah! Cannot wait, though I want a copy, too!
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    That's funny Sir!!!

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  14. Ozarktraveler

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    I'm in for one.
  15. U-3-b

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    So am I. I can't wait to see it!
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  16. klrwhizkid

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  17. Ozarktraveler

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    Ordered my copy.
  18. meteor910

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    Ordered two copies - one for son Kurt, one for me.
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  19. palallin

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    Got my order in!
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  20. U-3-b

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    I ordered mine!
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