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    Howdy folks,

    We are busy designing the Fort Worth Subdivision at the Texas Western Model RR Club. I've posted many requests and received answers on, for which I am most thankful. Still I search for more information and knowledge of the Frisco and Fort Worth areas.

    Recently, Keith ( klrwhizkid) posted a wonderful document about operations in Fort Worth (FTW). It is a gold mine and will strongly influence our layout design ( This document was more sales oriented, but still provided a lot of operational information. Now we need details about equipment in the area.

    We are modeling 1945-1962, but mostly focused on the 50's and 60's. I have looked for photos of equipment in the FTW area, but haven't found any steam for the local switchers and mainline freight engines for travel back to Tulsa and beyond. If you know anything about what might have been used in the yards for switching and for industrial district road switchers, that would be most helpful. I am a steam guy mostly, so I want to have Frisco steam on the layout.

    Beyond the steam period, I have mostly figured out that SW7's and SW9's may have been used in the yards. I have no empirical evidence! I suspect that GP7's were used for the industry and local switching duties (guessing) with F7's used as road freight (photos). I have no clue whether FA's, GE's, RS2's or other diesels were used for those duties. If you have photos or clues as to what may have been used, that would be most helpful.

    This research has been a lot of fun, and we hope to represent the west yard and others in our operations.

    Best regards,
    Mike Corley
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    Sounds like a fun project for your club, and glad that you'll be ensuring a nice steam presence on the new sub.

    I took a look at the locomotive fuel performance reports that I'd compiled...

    Steam Locomotive Assignments 1924-1933

    ...and of course, it cuts off before the era you are featuring. I did note that, whereas 1200-class 2-8-0s and 700-class ten-wheelers seem to comprise most of the main trains, a 4100 Mike appears in the 1930s.

    While it's no-holds-barred conjecture, I look to the River Division as precedence, and would wager that as the 4000s began to take over the main road freight runs, the 4-6-0s and 2-8-0s might have been relegated to switching and/or industrial work.

    Will be interested to hear others' hypotheses or good, solid evidence.

    Best Regards,
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    Howdy folks,

    My preliminary Fort Worth locomotive search has revealed the following photos around Fort Worth. My conclusion is that they were used in the FTW area, but I am sure there were others. Any help appreciated.

    EMD GP7 #507, 514

    Alco S2 #293 (290-294)

    EMD F7A #5039 @ West yard
    EMD F7B #5139 @ West yard

    EMD F7A #5033 @ West yard
    EMD F7B #5133 @ West yard

    EMD E8 #2022 Black Gold TR 508

    Still searching the 1945 to 1962 time frame.

    Happy rails,
    Mike C

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