Digitized 8mm from Carthage Mo.

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    (On FaceBook if you can get to it)

    New digitized 8mm film of the Frisco. Shot by the late David Cash of Carthage, Missouri. Most of this clip appears to have been shot in Carthage. The Frisco Depot is visible a couple times in this clip. All late 1960s or early 1970s.
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    Neat film; thanks for sharing, Bob. Interesting to see the F-M switchers in Carthage. I didn't think they ever wandered too far away from Tulsa or OKC, but a quick scan through the Archive shows pics of them in St. Louis, Springfield and Muskogee.
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    It looked to me that the footage of the FM's was from Tulsa. And some of the footage looked like it was over closer to Springfield as well.
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    Those are clips featured on "Trains of the Heartland: as filmed by David Cash" DVD published by the Tri State Model Railroaders. Not sure if it is still available anywhere. It is an excellent DVD featuring a lot of Frisco and also a lot of Missouri Pacific, as well as segments of Katy around Parsons, KCS around Pittsburg and Joplin, some early BN/CB&Q, UP, and others in the Kansas City area. I highly recommend getting a copy for any fan of Frisco in the early 1970s.
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    In the first video, as noted by Ethan, the images of the Fairbanks Morse (FM) H-10-44 and H-12-44 units were taken in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma. Most, if not all, are in Cherokee Yard. Note the tall mast yard light towers and yard talk back (doesn't mean you can) speakers. These items did not exist in Joplin or Carthage, Missouri.

    The FMs would on very rare occasion would go to Springfield for heavy repair or engine overhaul. However, most of their maintenance and repair work was done at the Tulsa Shops. This permitted the the company to minimize costs associated with experienced skilled personnel and parts inventory maintenance. The archive photo taken in St. Louis was after the retirement of the units. In that image they are in transit to a second hand dealer / scrapper.

    Hope this helps.


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    Very nice video !


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