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    In Mike Condren's derrik section there is a shot of steam wrecker 99032 with a fuel tender attached-#105900...does anyone have any info or a complete photo of this car? It appears to be a modified steam tender. It would be the perfect compliment to my Tichy wrecker. Thanks in advance. Larry F.
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    When one compares the dimensions of the auxiliary tenders with the tenders of spot class locomotives and the tenders from big ten hundreds before their rebuilding, one will note the identical dimensions. By the end of the 30's, the spot engines were out of service, so the Frisco had a ready source of spare tenders. Three of the tenders wound up in the Firefly locomotives. I suspect that the tenders for the steam wreckers also came from the spot class tenders, and they most likely bore a similar appearance to the aux tender, except that they also had a coal bunker.

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    I'm attaching a scan of the photo of 105901 on page 10 of the original magazine.

    Not a great scanner, but the image enlarges better than the pdf's

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    I'm amazed at how dull I can be sometimes - never really had thought to connect the dots between the scrappings of the 2-10-2s and the auxiliary water tenders. Thanks for the insight and drawings, Karl.

    I've always thought that one of these would be a great thing to model. I'll encourage you to get it started, Larry! And, I'll look forward to hearing how it goes.

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    What a wonderful response! I am indebted to one and all. I happen to have an old tender which is close enough so now I have no reason not to do it. Thank you all. Larry F.
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    I finally got around to building the fuel tender. I had a tender which pretty much matched the drawings Karl posted so it's off to the races. After cutting down the hopper I spanned the opening with Evergreen 8" channels with the same for vertical supports. Across this I used 2x12 strip wood for the bed. The crib sides are made with 2x6s held in place with 2x2 angles. The front cross over and front crib supports were made with sheet styrene. The only thing I wasn't sure whether the top of the crib bed was sheeted so I left the wood showing(more interesting). A new running board next to the cistern fill was strip wood. The corner angles for the grab irons and front and rear supports were of the 2x2 angles. New grab irons were formed, the brake wheel raised,and chaining the trucks pretty well wrapped it up.
    I decided to rework the derrick to more closely resemble a 100 tonner. It was simply a matter of moving the sheaves to top of the boom and making a plausible mounting for them. Of the photos I've seen the 100 ton's body appears shorter than Tichy's 140 tonner but, you know, I can live with it. A few detail parts completed the remodel.
    Overall it was a fun project

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    Thats a real head turner Larry. Nice explanation of what you did as well. A very convincing effort for sure. Great decal job too.
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    Thank you , Tom. With any kind of luck my next post will be the steam generator car. I'm getting tired of looking at the unfinished project.

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