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    Completely believable.
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  2. rjthomas909

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    Hey Ethan,

    I'll check on accuracy for late 1980s model, but if OK for that era with correction of maintenance stencil, I'll probably not modify.

    BTW, I will be back in your area the last week of July....Let me know if you will be around.

    -Bob T.
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    I think I am going to leave that one as is other than the the maintenance stencil. I have another one that I have now yet shown that I'll probably repaint/patch for the WNW. It is an Atlas Master+ 4-bay hopper. I have also been working with Brad Bourbina to add some Neosho Valley Lines cars. (@Iantha_Branch, do you know Brad? He lives in Pittsburg, KS).

    -Bob T.
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  4. Iantha_Branch

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    Well, I'll be interested to see what it looks like after the maintenance patch.

    I'll definitely be around home, but may be busy packing and prepping to move. I need to update my thread about the new house.

    I don't think I know Brad. It's possible I've met him before out atthe Heartlands museum and forgot.
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    Started working on test weathering for the W&NW fleet. The photos may not show clearly under the bright light, but these cars attempt to illustrate the difference of the first two subtle passes of weathering with the airbrush. The cars on the left are un-weathered, The middle cars have a first pass (car off-white on the hopper, a dark gray on the boxcar), and the right have a second pass (dark gray on the hopper, and red-brown on the boxcar). We'll give these one or two more passes and then start more focused details...

    IMG_2809 (2).JPG

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    OK, almost good enough to be seen next to the QA&P cars. A little more grime and grease and we'll call these good.
    IMG_2831 (3).JPG

    2023-07-15 19-33-58 (B,R8,S4)-sm-wb.jpg

    -Bob T.
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    Installing and testing the "Squealer" from Iowa Scaled Engineering tonight....

    Provides wheel squeal when cars move over a sensor embedded in the track.

    -Bob T.
  8. Coonskin

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    I will be interested in how that works out for you and what your impression is after living with it for a while.

    I could see a couple/three of those in a few key locations, but I'm curious as to how random the sounds are, and whether a repetition becomes readily noticeable.
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  9. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    A few additional notes:

    - You can add an additional sensor (maybe two) to have more detection points. I'll add one more sensor on this broad curve that connects two areas on the layout, but keep to one module/section.
    - The detector/sensor detects motion, so you only get the sounds when there is movement over that point.
    - I'll turn the volume down to make it less distracting (tiresome?) in regular use
    - You can add sounds on a memory card to the unit. If you think sounds are repetitive (I think there are six variations by default), you can add/change files used for sounds.
    - Here is the unit. I used the DCC-->DC converter from ISE to just use track power to run the unit.

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  10. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    I had intended to post this on Wednesday, but oh well....

    Over the weekend, I tried the Vantage Modeling Solutions (VMS) "Matt" varnish topcoat over some custom decals on these boxcars. Following a recommendation that this stuff hides the edges of the decals remarkably well, I gave it a try (I found some on eBay). I have to say, I am pretty impressed. You have to spray it with an airbrush, but the results are much better that I have had before. These are two Athearn RTR cars that I stripped and repainted. Decals were printed by Precision Design Co. (my artwork with a few minor edits from Bill Brillinger).


    The preparation here included: Painting the model with a Tamiya oxide red primer, a coat of Tamiya "Clear" glosscoat, application of decals, settling the decals with Solvaset, a clear coat again of Tamiya "Clear", and then airbrushing the VMS "Matt" varnish (two coats because I missed some spots with the first). The Matt (matte?) varnish produces a distinctly flat finish and a really notable decrease in the visibility of the decal film edge.

    The FAQ for the product can be found here:

    Let me know if any questions. I'll try to compare with a few other approaches....

    -Bob T.
  11. Iantha_Branch

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    Those cars look incredible. I'll have to pick up some of this VMS stuff to try out.
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  12. gjslsffan

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    This QA&P/SL-SF GP 7 is coming right along, got the angle handrails bent on the hood ends and the exhaust stacks made from styrene, The most challenging was to make the stack for the boiler, that styrene tube is paper thin, and slides down onto the Details West stack that was milled down to the right size. I drilled and filed those square holes in the pilots. Added the water fill to the sills as well. Still need to add air and steam lines and a couple other details before washing and a coat of Scalecoat black paint. Had some Detail Associates square and sloped journal boxes in the parts drawer to add where appropriate.
    Image from Mike Condren's website

    My attempt in HO scale.

    I saw this car in block off the Potash branch (Moab UT), it is in bulk salt or potash, as the plant produces more salt then potash. In either event, those types of service is where hopper cars go to die in their last years of service.
    The prototype.
    My attempt in HO scale.

    Please carry on.
  13. fredman23

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    It always makes me sad to see the legend “CONDEMNED CAR EN ROUTE TO DISMANTLING”.
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  14. rjthomas909

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    Workshop Monday, (so close...)

    I am back to some Frisco modeling, and working to scratch build a small depot for the layout, to be a stop on the Lightning Creek Branch. I am using a photo and info from our site for the Waco, MO depot as it is similar to photos that I have seen for those in the area.


    I did not have windows that were close to those shown in the photo, so I have ordered some from Tichy. More to come.

    -Bob T.
  15. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Hey All,

    I am considering moving the layout from the garage as a temporary/modular setup to a small shed/outbuilding in the backyard (yes, with A/C and heat). I already have the concrete slab from a prior shed that was torn down when I moved into this place 25 years ago. The idea would be to build an upper shelf with my ~late 1970s / 1980s layout for a Frisco/Wichita & Northwestern (freelance/fantasy) design, and the lower shelf be a ~1905-1925 era Frisco layout, moving around the theme for the town of Cherokee to something non-prototypical. Still in the doodling phase, but starting to get serious about building. Input is welcomed.




    -Bob T.
  16. Jim James

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    Awesome idea! Two eras, two levels. Love it.
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  17. geep07

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    Things to ponder:
    The entry door appears to be centered on the 12 ft. wall. Maybe move it closer to the layout benchwork.
    Give more layout potential and or storage if needed.

    Make your work bench mobile to extend lower shelf and return under it when not in use.
  18. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Thanks @geep07 ,

    Great point on the door. Might be able to even have a space for some narrow shelving...hmm. That would be really good to swap cars from storage to the "open staging" of the interchange.

    The workbench is my current roll-around workbench made from a solid-core door. Yup, mobile.


    I'll build storage under the lower deck on two sides, and will plan a loft area for storage above ceiling height in part of the space. I'll put a row of short windows up high, above the upper valence of the upper level on the upper and lower walls.

    Keep it coming!

    -Bob T.
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  19. Friscotony

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    I have the Frisco track plan for Ellsworth, Quite large but could be copied.

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  20. rjthomas909

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    Thanks Tony, that would be welcomed. I can message you with my email if too large to post here. I have an industry diagram (names taken from there in some cases). My recollection is that there was a wye type arrangement.
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