Winslow Tunnel

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    Here are some pictures of the Date Stone taken March 2010, the circle indicates the current location of the stone:

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    Winslow Tunnel Track Diagram

    Winslow Tunnel track diagram

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    Thanks for the profile, Karl. That was quite a ride, I've went through it several times. Once with a Burro Crane and Flat. Once with permission I took a one tie switch stand off the back track on the north end of the tunnel. It had "Frisco System" on it. Kind of wished I would have kept it, but it was too heavy and a guy in Kansas made an offer that I couldn't refuse. There is a couple in the Ft. Smith museum.
    Bill Jackson
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  6. Some of the links below can lead to tunnels, high trestles and old rail-yards & stations.


    BNSF Railway
    BNSF Railway headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas

    California Zephyr's: - cars & power loco's -
    Those remaining;
    ( email: )
    Dome Cars:
    The Silver Palace dome car was once owned by

    Country & Western star Merle Haggard.
    From: mountaincreekar, I had the pleasure of riding in the
    Silver Place car several times.
    Such is still available to do so. It is very special insides; and
    such experiences are always remembered.

    Branson Scenic Railway
    Official website of the Branson Scenic Railway in Branson, Missouri.

    Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
    Official website of the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
    About the Frisco Railroad at Seligman, MO. Seligman Station.
    Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway
    Official website of the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
    M&NA interchanges with Frisco, KCS

    An Ozark's Railway Driving Tour:
    Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad
    Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad website (Carthage, Missouri)
    ~ 500 miles of tracks. At Branson is the tourist train.

    MNA's three Ozark Divisions are
    White River Waterways, North Arkansas Mountains & Southwest
    Missouri. All three are very scenic. Those includes 5 tunnels
    and many high trestles.
    RR swing-bridges are two:
    The Black River Bridge between Diaz/Newport and Batesville
    the White River's @ Cotter, Arkansas connects to the first tunnel.
    Cotter also includes
    Railroad Workers Memorial
    Anglin - Timmon Railroad Workers Memorial Park
    next to the White River & @ Big Spring.
    Cotter Station is a working rail-yard with action.
    Missouri & Northern Arkansas has their headquarters in Carthage, MO
    at the BNSF interchange, the locomotive shop and the Carthage Station.
    It is a working rail-yard with action. About a 1/2 mile north is a bridge and stream.

    MAP3: file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/MNA_web_map_2014%20(3).pdf

    There are numerous old Stations with displayed Cabooses
    along the entire ~ 500 miles.
    There are branch lines such as the one to Joplin.
    There is an industrial switching operation
    within Springfield MO (a former MoPac business)

    Fort Smith Trolley Museum
    Fort Smith Trolley Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas
    Fort Smith & Van Buren, Arkansas Railroad Photos
    Dr. Michael Condren's website for Fort Smith and Van Buren Railroad Photos
    Fort Smith & Van Buren rising railroad bridge over the Arkansas River.

    Shiloh Museum of Ozark History
    Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale, Arkansas

    Arkansas Railroader Archives
    Arkansas Railroader is a publication of the
    Arkansas Railroad Club NRHS chapter in Little Rock, Arkansas

    Reader Railroad
    Reader Railroad website

    J.P. Bell Photography

    Union Pacific Railroad
    Official site of the Union Pacific Railroad headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska

    Kansas City Southern Railway Company
    Official site of the Kansas City Southern Railway headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri
    ( has KCS interactive route zoom-in maps, also showing short-lines route-maps )

    Chapters of NRHS most have email publications


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  8. Newsletter - November 2018 ARKANSAS SCRAMBLER Newsletter
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    The November 2018 edition of the Arkansas-Boston Mountains Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society newsletter, THE ARKANSAS SCRAMBLER is now available online. CLICK HERE to read the latest issue!
    To see back issues of the Scrambler, CLICK HERE.
    Mike Sypult
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