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    If anyone knows who in Winslow was requesting plans for the depot, they could possibly use the plans for the West Fork depot as they are similar.
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  2. railroadguy65

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    :) 1924 Sanborn map of Winslow, Ar Station & some old photos

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    Thanks for posting these. This depot appears unique because of the second floor. Wonder what the second floor was used for, since there is a window. Sleeping?

    Are there any other depots that use this plan?

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  4. TAG1014

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    Probably agent's living quarters. Some stations had adjacent houses for living quarters. Turner, MO is an example.

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  5. john

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    Robert Winn's book Railroads of Northwest Arkansas has some material on the subject of the Frisco at Winslow including a photo (p 25) of the depot ca 1900 with 2nd floor "window boxes with flowers," where the J.A.Winn family lived.
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  7. john

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    Winslow from a Frisco map 1919.

    winslow ar 1919.jpg
  8. john

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    Winslow Depot plans

    Winslow depot.jpg
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  9. Does anyone have track plat drawing or photos of switch-backs in that area?
  10. john

    john Supporter

    At Backbone Mtn. Tunnel the switchbacks can still be found when visiting in person, I would suggest after a freeze or two - they might show on a historical Google Earth photo?? I've never seen any map or plat of the Boston Mtn. Tunnel switchbacks (Shoofly's) . You can roughly map the south one from this photo. The engine is the work engine, #17. (J.W.Hansard studio photo) South Portal Boston Mtn Tunnel.jpg
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    Hello John!

    Hope you're doing well. Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing that Winslow map and that FANTASTIC Winslow tunnel construction picture that includes a switchback move! Both are now duly saved and filed on my hard drive.

  12. john

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    Hi Andre, doing fine!
    Are you going to the MoPac/Frisco convention in Fort Smith?
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    WOW... good thing you reminded me about the convention!

    I may do Fri and Sat... but won't make Sun. I won't be riding the A&M. At this point in my retirement, I can't bring myself to pay for something I used to get paid for! :ROFLMAO:

    We will have to hook up at the convention and chew some fat. Aren't the dates Oct 11, 12, 13?

    Speaking of the convention, I need to find out some things about it. I need to hit the flyer thread here at and ask.

    All fer now!

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    Andre, It starts on Thursday the 10th and runs through Sunday. Going to do a presentation about Fort Smith railroad bridges that night and Pat Hiatte doing one on the Frisco Central Division. There are several Frisco presentations scheduled. You can go to and see a tentative schedule of events.
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    Thanks for the correction on the dates. Barring any unforeseen catastrophe, I will be there.

  16. John,

    Like always, your contributions are outstanding.
    Thank you,

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