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    Wichita Subdivision -2002

    A bit of an update on the former Wichita Subdivision. The track from North Wichita to Valley Center (not Valley 'Park') was used by the BN to reach two industries in Valley Center. The line from Wichita was abandoned shortly after the BN-ATSF merger, when a new connection track was constructed off the ATSF in Valley Center. About 1/2 mile of former SLSF is still in use in Valley Center.
    SLSF outside-braced boxcar #162739, built 1930, was being used as a storage shed at 'Wichita Heights', an industrial siding halfway between Wichita and Valley Center. I was able to obtain this car, and moved it to the 'Railroad Museum of Oklahoma' at Enid for restoration.

    A bit of track east of Wichita, between Augusta and Andover, still exists. The local county 'Economic Development' authority purchased about six miles worth to preserve rail access to an industrial park in Andover. There have been no trains operated over this segment since a bridge over the Whitewater River was damaged by flooding in 1998, while the BN was still operating the line. In summer 2002 the county has started some restoration on the bridge, and wants to restore service if they can find an operator.
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    On March 14, 2018 The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. received a request for information (preferably a photo of the Lorena KS depot)
    He mentions "The depot was built in the late 1870's and operated through the 1920's"
    My guess is it may have been built using the plans of various other small Frisco depots
    Any information will be appreciated and forwarded. He indicates, by using a metal detector, he has found several small artifacts in the area where the depot may have been located. FYI - Lorena was east of Andover, KS.
    Thanks for any information we might forward.
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    Is the requester sure about his facts? Given the info at hand, I am inclined to believe that Lorena, MP F-490.3, was a blind station with a passing track. Will look further, when I get home.
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    I think that Karl is correct. The book of floorpans that I have does not show a plan for a depot there. When you look at a Google map, you can see the remains of the old right of way.

    Tony LaLumia
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