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    I read somewhere that Laura Ingalls Wilder was inspired to move to Missouri by the "Fruit Farming Along The Frisco" pamphlet. So in an odd way, you're still kinda sorta Frisco railfanning. :D
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    If you drive out U. S. 14 across Minnesota and South Dakota, you will quickly observe that almost every town along the route claims Laura Ingalls Wilder for their own.

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    A7B45131-6753-4B78-A678-FCD8FA6637FD.jpeg 61FD05C7-7F7C-458F-8AAF-4E660F371495.jpeg I believe you are both correct! The allure of the apple orchards was confirmed by the tour guide who showed us the house.
    Here’s Alley Spring mill today. Perfect weather! Check out the beautiful color of the water. Pumps out about 81 million gallons a day!
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    Wow, glad I could provide some inspiration. It's a great compliment. It's been a long time since I visited the Wilder museum in Mansfield. I enjoyed those books as a boy, especially Farmer Boy.
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    I took pix of this mill several times when I was in High School. I ought to see if I can still find those negatives.
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    This video went live over a week ago, but I left town immediately after I posted it. I spent all last week camping in the mountains with my kids' scout troop and didn't get a chance to post the link here yet. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. ref; I spent all last week camping in the mountains with my kids' scout troop .

    Hey Drew,
    I was going to ask you about the shirt you often wear wearing that was labeled with Philmount.
    Now I do not have to do that.
    www /\ ,

    Member at Large of the Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA
    Continuous registration since 1951
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  8. I would make a vote for something similar to your x-over, a passing track and /or spur by your depot.
    I saw an old depot in Texas where they had a passing track and a spur.

    Since access was the depot's road, they parked a transfer caboose there on the passing track.
    The spur had a mow railcar. They did switching every night in a yard a few miles away next to industries
    all around that area. If it was raining to hard or there was ice conditions, [etc.]
    the rail crew would use the depot until the weather improved. In the old days, they could have parked
    an extra passenger car on the spur by the depot. Passengers could be in the coach
    ready for the passenger train's arrival.
    Both the depot and yards sites were very active places.
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    I didn't scout as a kid, but I sure enjoy doing it with my kids. I haven't done a trek at Philmont yet, but just visited when we were in the area a couple of years ago. We've got a trek planned for next year though.

    I see you are also a fellow arrowman as well. My son and I were inducted a couple of years ago and my daughter should qualify at the next election (but camping night have been hard to come by the last 18 months). I'm thinking we'll do brotherhood at the same time she does her ordeal.
  10. Drew,
    Got to do the Brotherhood thing. The ceremony is neat and very meaningful.
    It will lead your way.

    I can help you with the answers. Send a conversion to me with your email
    and I will give my e- address. I will send you the Brotherhood study guides.
    Also I have some past e-documents with answers hard to find.

    With COVID, most OA lodges have developed some ways for your daughter to build up camping days /nights

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    My newest video is out. A little Frisco specific content this time.
  12. Jim James

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    Well for crying out loud. That was one heck of a nicely made video! I felt like I was watching one of those short videos you watch at National park site visitor centers. The content was great and right up my modeling alley so to speak. Congratulations on this one and I look forward to any progress you post.
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    Wow, Jim, thanks so much. I feel like my modeling videos have gotten a little stale so I'm glad you liked the change pace. I've got one more straight modeling video coming out in a couple of weeks, but I'm planning on starting on my benchwork after that.
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  14. For your viewers this pic is the mill you modeled.

    Hammond Mill
    Historic Hammond Mill was built in 1907 and continued to operate until 1940. Now the mill has been converted into a private residence.
    You can catch a glimpse of this old mill but remember to respect the owner's property and privacy.
    From state highway south turn on Hwy 95 south to Hwy D.
    Turn left on D to find Hammond Mill. Follow the creek.

    This about about 5 miles north of Theodosia. and about 10 miles north of the place I used to had on Bull Shoals Lake.

    At the feed depot and others stores in the area [and perhaps at the
    Century Bank of the Ozarks at Gainsville, MO] they sell beautiful colored laminated
    20 x 16 inch posters of the Mills in Ozark County . There are six. mills.
    Probably the bank or one of the stores could roll up a poster and mail it to you.
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    Thanks. The trees have grown around since pictures I have of it were taken.
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    Here is the newest video. I based on a building in Chadwick, MO although it has been 90 years since the Frisco had service to that town.
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    Excellent modeling dboone.
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    Thanks. I'm thinking I'm gonna need a little bit more to get it over the top to where want it, but I'm not seeing it in my mind's eye yet. I think once I get it on the layout inspiration will hit.
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  19. Ya may like to model the other mills in Ozark County for a collection;.... ( In all of your spare time after being a Scoutmaster ;) )
    and post those in the Ozarks Times, etc. ?
    Those may like to interview you. (y)

    - Ozark County Times (@OCtimes). A weekly newspaper in Ozark County, Missouri. Gainesville, Mo.
    - Baxter Bulletin www.newspapers.com/paper/baxter-bulletin/3752 Baxter Bulletin Archives - Newspapers.com
    - Springfield (Greene County, MO) - Local Newspapers
    - Daily Springfield Leader (from 1870)
    - West Plains Daily Quill
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    Great idea. Could be a good series of little dioramas.
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