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Discussion in 'Divisions' started by Boomer John, May 24, 2015.

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    Attached are a couple of photos. One is of Tower 2 that sat at the KCT crossing, now gone. This is the old wood tower, not the current brick one. It also sat facing the KCT line, but I did not have enough space for that. A picture of the actual tower is on the website. Mine is a kitbashed Walthers model.

    The second one is moving back up north on Santa Fe Street showing the crossing, Tower 2 and the 12th Street viaduct. It is kind of dark, but you might be able to pick out the Frisco freight house just south of the viaduct. The red it the foreground is the paved areas, which I am working on now between the KCT an MOPAC crossings. Using Woodland Scenics Smooth-it, kind of a mess not having much fun at the moment.


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    You're doing a nice job. I always enjoy your updates. Keep 'em coming! That's an effective looking slice of the 12th St. bridge!

    As you may recall, I too, am going to be basing my layout on the West Bottoms, so I always find interest in your pictures/dialogue. As for my KC Lines effort, at this point I haven't decided yet whether I'll attempt to reflect actual scenes, or just go for the "feel" of the West Bottoms of my youth. Probably the latter. The new building that will house my hobbies (including the new layout) is still in process. (Next up: Heat/AC... if this fool rain will ever stop!) Eventually, I'll need to start designing my layout in 1.5" scale using the old pencil n' eraser technique.
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    Nice! I really like the wooden crossing and the effect provided by that huge bridge really provides that industrial look.
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    John, it definitely screams West Bottoms. The old Tower 2 would be pretty identifiable as such, even if the sign weren't up yet. Scratchbuilt, I presume?

    I really like the way the 12th Street viaduct has turned out. Any updates on the freight house?

    Finally, the KCT track to to "left" that would have led to Old Union Depot - the one with the UP power on it - is this just a stub-end dummy track or does it go to staging?

    Thanks for the update - always nice to see others' progress, and reminds me that I need to remember to spend more time in the layout room on rainy spring/summer days.

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  5. Boomer John

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    Tower 2 is a Walther's kit with extensions added to both ends to match the photo on this website. The extension on the left is a little higher than the actual tower to cover a window. The stairs are from a Walther's fire escape replacing the wood ones that came with the kit.

    Th UP F unit is on a dummy crossing only about 18 inches long.

  6. gjslsffan

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    Looks good to me as well John,

    I appreciate the thought and creativity that goes into kitbashing and compression.
  7. yardmaster

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  8. Boomer John

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    I have not seen that photo. The photo was taken on the main line, which is still there. My photo is more to the east on the Santa Fe Street branch which is now long gone although if you look carefully you can see where the tracks use to be. I have two photos of trains on that line, both CNW transfer runs from Ohio Street yard. I ran into an old boy at Doc's one day that had worked for the CGW. He told me he had run 100 car grain trains up Santa Fe Street. That would block some motorists for sure.

    Speaking of motorists, I can get into a groove where I really enjoy something and go overboard. I started building 1950's cars from Sylvan Models and Alloy Forms. That is my 1948 Studebaker in the one picture (needs a touch up right above the bumper). Funny how you can get caught up in an aspect of this hobby and really go out of your way to avoid others, like for me electronics. Keith R is adding sound to my Baldwin. He enjoys that, I would rather go to the dentist.

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    John, does this look familiar?

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