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  1. Boomer John

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    Still not looking like much, but here are a couple of shots.

    "End View" shows the far right end looking up Santa Fe Street. The small
    yard is a "fiddle yard" for blocking trains to enter the scenic part of the layout. The break from offstage starts about where the track on the left ends. The yard tracks will be in front of the GM&O freighthouse in the scenic section, so while trains are be blocked off stage it( hopefully) will simulate the GM&O working the freighthouse on stage.

    "Freighthouse" shows the Frisco freighthouse that sat just below the 12 St Viaduct. You can see my trim coil section behind it and how I attached it to the shelf brackets using liquid nails. You can also see the start piece of the viaduct in the foreground.

    "Rudy Patrick-Curved" is a model I built using a progam called Model Builder where you can design buildings and print them out. Not as good as scratch building, but good for a start and a lot cheaper. The actual building sits at 8th and Santa Fe, so you can go to Google Earth and see how it compares. An aerial photo taken in the 1950's shows it use to be white, although now most of the white paint is gone. This was my first attempt. I am now working on the Universal Supply building at 8th and Mulberry. I took actual photographs of the doors and windows and photoshopped them into Model Builder, it looks much better. With some outside relief pieces, docks, open doors, etc this might work long term.

    John |-|

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    FANTASTIC! John, the 12th Street Freight House is a prime example of why I like prototype modeling! Combine that with your 12th Street viaduct that is in progress, and anyone familiar with the area will be able to immediately the place and time.

    After seeing the results of your work with Model Builder, I am definitely going to have to try it out. I'm really impressed with how good it looks.

    Thanks for sharing...can't wait to continue to hear and see more as you progress.

    Best Regards,
  3. Rick McClellan

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    Nice work. Really like the Freight House and that 0-6-0 in the staging yard. That Armour reefer looks strangely familiar. The trim coil looks good. Did you say that it is painted aluminum?

    Looks like we are ready to operate.
  4. Boomer John

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    The trim coil I bought came white. Brushing the blue paint over it gave it
    kind of a mottled blue and white look. The poor lighting in the photographs really doesn't show this.

  5. micsmaster

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    This sure brings back memories as I was a clerk and then trainmaster for the frosco back in the old days of 50 and 60 that sure seems like alot of years ago. But the seed company and freight house loks great keep up the good work as it helps bring back the good old days.
    Carl Mallonee

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