Walthers Rebuilt Troop Sleeper Express Cars

Discussion in 'Passenger Equipment' started by yardmaster, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. yardmaster

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    Folks -
    Refer to the prototype thread for reference:


    Regarding Walthers undecorated versions of rebuilt Pullman troop sleepers-become-express cars...for the Frisco's "Working Baggage" Nos. 450-451, I give you:

    Likewise, for the storage baggage 452-464:

    Has anyone picked up any and decked them out in SL-SF garb? I'm tempted to put one of each on my "wish list." The model's trucks look to be as-delivered trucks.
  2. meteor910

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    Good suggestion! I've added a SLSF 462-464 storage/baggage to my list of neat things to do. I have the decals and paint - just need to get the undec car ..... and find some time.


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