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    Many years ago a friend told me about Prismacolor art pens and how he used them in modeling. My wife and I went to the local art store and bought a handful to try them out. They are amazing!

    There are many things you can do with them more easily than a paint brush or air brush. They come in hundreds of colors (note: if you've watched Overhaulin', these are what Chip Foose uses for his renderings). We bought sand, walnut, light walnut, sienna, etc.--a bunch of earth tones, plus several shades of gray. The stones on the building in the photo were painted with them. The paper gazebo, the strip wood in the stack of rail and the coal bin, the wood bridge, and the wood in the loading dock were all painted with art pens.

    Unfortunately, we can't buy Flo stain anymore. These pens are great for making soft metal or plastic look like wood. I start off by brush painting the part to be wood a cream color. Once it's dried thoroughly, I go over it with light walnut, sand, tan, etc., to get a finish that looks like wood. The gray pens are great for making weathered wood.

    The pens have two ends--a broad end and a sharp point, making it easier to do larger or tiny areas. This weekend I used them to paint the wood on some HO scale white metal shovels.

    If you keep the caps on tightly and store them in a zip lock, they will last years. My pens are 15 years old and still doing great.

    Here's a link to Prismacolor online.

    Paul Moore

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    That looks great. Thanks for the tip.
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    Yes, ditto to what Jim said. They sure have a lot of colors.

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    They do, and many of the colors definitely relate to model railroading. Also, if you have a local store where you can buy them, you can test them on a piece of white paper to see what the color actually is.

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    Is there an instructional video on this?
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    It's been a nice warm week, and I've been outside on my bicycle for a good bit of the week and just now found these responses. No, I've never even seen one. It looks like a really good idea. Thanks, and I'll check it out.


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