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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by SLSF Freak, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Saw the announcement for Atlas doing a run of Frisco Bicentennial Caboose models, 1240, 1700 and 1776 on their Extended Vision Caboose platform. Initially I was stoked and wondering where I was going to scrounge up enough coin to get all three then it hit me... 1700 and 1776 were boxcar conversions, weren't they? And 1240 is not quite the same as the Atlas model, either. Here's the product page for 1776:

    Anybody have plans on getting these? Which one would you get? I could do any of them being "close enough" (and who knows if I would ever get around to making and painting my own)

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    I would think 1700 and 1776 would look noticeably shorter than the real thing. The differences between 1240 and the real thing are more subtle - cupola windows, trucks, etc.
    But, knowing Atlas, they will look real good. If I were still in the "acquiring" mode, I would probably get all three also.

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