UP ALCO S-2's on the Clinton Sub

Discussion in 'Clinton Subdivision' started by Karl, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Karl

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    David Lindquist posted an image of a very interesting Form E Time train order on a Frisco modelers' Face Book Group.


    The TO written on May 31, 1966 and copied at Harrisonville reads:
    No 59 Eng UP 1102 wait at
    East Lynne until 2:30 PM
    for Work Extra UP 1111

    I haven't a clue with regard to the reason(s) why not only one, but two UP units were working the Clinton Sub.
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  2. rcmck

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    Very interesting indeed Karl! I hope someone on here might be able to provide us with the "why", rather than an obvious reason that Frisco was short on power that day.

    Bob McKeighan
    Lenexa, KS
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  3. yardmaster

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    Intriguing- thanks for the sharing the particulars of the order. Seems I might need some UP power to model North Clinton, too. :)

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