Two questions about SLSF #2000-2005 EA7

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    gna - Yep, a PRR fan, plus Erie. Says Erie's b/y scheme looked better than Frisco's. I like them both, but Frisco's is better, and I'm also a PRR fan of sorts. I'll cut him a little slack since we are both just talking about railroads we are hooked on.

    Greg - Just having fun, man, just having fun, talking railroads.

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    2004 Tulsa OK 9-16-49.jpg
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    Don -
    Wow!, thanks. Beautiful picture!
    After I posted my request, I found 2004 in Lou's Frisco Diesel Power on page 70, also in Tulsa, but pulling or being pulled by freight cars, of all things.
    The pic you posted is much better. I'm going to win our argument for sure! He knew we had the TS engines, along with the Katy, but he thought The Meteor was only pulled by Racehorse E8's.
    It's a big bet - a pair of COVID-19 rubber gloves to the winner. I should have been more confident and wagered something more valuable and harder to get, like a roll of TP!
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    Oh my God he's delirious
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    Ken, this issue of All Aboard pages 16 - 19 will put the last nail in the coffin of a non-Frisco "expert".

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    Get them experts Keith, most of them never spent a day working for a railroad. All out of a book !
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    This just up on random media:
  8. That’s a great shot!!!!
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    Thank you Don for posting a great photograph of SLSF 2004.

    Photograph location is Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The locomotives are east (geographically northeast) of Tulsa Union Depot (TUD). The building in the distance above and behind EMD E7A SLSF 2005 is the 1919 built Armour and Company plant at 5 North Detroit Avenue. This was a local plant where sides of meat were dressed for local distribution and consumption. Projecting above the steam generator stacks of SLSF 2004 are the chimneys of Armour’s smokehouse.

    The tall structure in the distance is the 1924 built Tulsa Tribune (evening newspaper) Building at 20 East Archer Street. Today it has been repurposed as the Tribune Lofts. It stands as an anchor in Tulsa’s oldest commercial district. Later the central business core shifted south of the railroad tracks.

    The telltale to its left warns westbound movements of the overhead clearance restriction at the Cincinnati Avenue overpass on the east side of TUD. The grade crossing this side of the telltale is Elgin Avenue. Tulsa’s north-south streets on either side of Main Street are named in alphabetic order for cities east or west of the Mississippi River.

    On the left out of view on the southwest corner of Elgin and the tracks is the Frisco Freight House. Today a foreshortened half block portion of the east end remains. The freight house was 2 blocks long. One block further south on the southeast corner of 1st Street, at 101-107 South Elgin Avenue is the Santa Fe Freight House. It too has been repurposed, in this case as offices.

    The photographer was standing at Frankfort Avenue. Two blocks east of this location at Hartford Avenue is the Tulsa interlocking tower. Three Frisco tracks were crossed by the closely spaced diamond crossings of the ATSF, MKT, MV/TP/MP.

    View is looking west.

    Hope this helps.


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    download - Edited.png
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    download (1) - Edited.png
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    SLSF 2004 Tulsa 1947  .jpg
    Tulsa 1947, my collection.
    Mike L.
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