Trestle at MP 184.1 west of Lebanon, MO

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    Question: Can any of you post a photo of this trestle? Is it still there? When was the Lebanon passing siding removed? Thanks. I'm still fascinated with the idea of a switching layout based on Lebanon - around two walls of my 14x20' spare room. Doug Hughes, Knoxville
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    I have a Frisco Track Chart dated May 1, 1978. There is a bridge at MP 183.80 listed as a DPG (deck plate girder?) and there is a passing siding that terminates past the bridge. There are no other bridge listed between MP 184 -MP185.
    I went to Google maps it showed that there is a bridge past the city limits, as a single track bridge and does not appear as a trestle type. Perhaps there are Frisco historians that can give you an answer.

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    Doug, John has correctly identified the bridge that you must be referring to; Bridge#183.8 DPG 86.5' long Goodwin Hollow.
    Bridge T183.8 DPG 86.5' long Goodwin Hollow.JPG
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    Thanks guys.
  5. w3hodoug

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    John, I also have that track chart. Mine shows a bridge or something at 184.1 with a long annotation with a bunch of abbreviations. Google Earth shows an interesting shadow plus a quarry or something just north of it. BTW, I'd love to run your railroad some day, especially Dixon Hill.
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    There is indeed a drainage structure at 184.06. It is a 3x3x43 foot Stone (Masonary) Box. Since it is stone and not concrete, it would seem to be a very old structure, and perhaps it ante dates the 1920's. Modern day betterments have been made. Several CMP"s (Corrugated Metal Pipes) have been added to the box and on each side of the box.
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    Agreed, Doug. I still enjoy the research you'd shared previously on Lebanon and environs, and thanks to your efforts, I think that it'd make a great modeling top for others as well.

    Never had done more than pass through Lebanon until last summer and a four-day camping trip to Bennett Springs. Between provisioning at the local SuperCenter and an unexpected trip to urgent care for my eldest, we had a little time to check things out in town.

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