Train No 10, The Meteor - Train Consist - 5/19/1953

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    Don't know where else to post this, but might be of interest.

    From Bill Pollard on consist group.


    From conductor book of Frisco conductor Hazen, Pullman conductor Taylor, departing Monett at 1:00 am on 5/19/1953, arriving St. Louis at 7:56 am after doubling over into two tracks at St. Louis Union Station. All cars Frisco or Pullman unless otherwise noted. Compared to Frisco's later years, the heavy Pullman traffic into the 1950s is remarkable.

    Bill Pollard

    Frisco Train No 10, the Meteor
    2004 - EMD E7A (aka EA7)
    2002 - EMD E7A (aka EA7)
    437 - baggage car
    252 - baggage-RPO car
    1095 - dorm
    1652 - coach-buffet lounge
    1257 - chair car
    Poplar Valley - 6 double bedroom - 6 section - car 105 Oklahoma City to St. Louis
    Gasconade River - 14 roomette -4 double bedroom - car 104 OKC to STL
    P.G.T. Beauregard - 8 section -1 drawing room - 2 compartment - car 103 OKC to STL
    James River - 14 roomette -4 double bedroom - car 102 Tulsa to STL
    Rathaus Tower - 8 section - 3 double bedroom - 1 drawing room - car 101 Tulsa to STL
    Elm Ridge - 12 roomette - 2 single rooms - 3 double bedroom - car 330 Pullman pool-extra service listed as McGuire - car 321; no such Pullman name, presumed to be 12 section - 1 double bedroom car from Mc--- series (Pullman pool-extra service)
    Villa Peerless - 10 section - 3 double bedroom - car 109 Joplin-St Louis From Joplin to Monett train No 304
    Norwich University - 12 section - 2 double bedroom - car 107 Fort Smith-St Louis From Fort Smith to Monett train No 704
    1550 - diner-lounge
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    Fans will note that this train would not have looked like the original train, lots of heavyweight cars.

    I doubt whether either the original Meteor or the original Texas Special retained their original appearance for more than a month or so, if that.

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    The lightweight train sets and EA-7’s had electro-pneumatic brakes which allowed nearly instantaneous sets and releases.

    Trains could run right up to speed restrictions, and then quickly return to maximum speed limit. The addition of heavyweight equipment to the consist rendered this feature useless.

    When the Frisco rebuilt the EA-7’s, the shop forces disabled the electro-pneumatic brakes and re-geared units to match the E-8’s
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    That is a goodly amount of sleepers.

    I don't think that I would have guessed there'd be that many even in 1953.

    Thanks very much for sharing, Greg.

    I am going to copy a link to this in the "Operations" section as well.

    Best Regards,
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