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Discussion in 'Divisions' started by RogerRT, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Roger, I can't quite tell from the photos - is there a little "lip" of fascia that sticks up above rail level on your Mop interchange track? I could see myself accidentally kicking cars too far down the interchange track and into the abyss beyond. :)

    Excellent descriptions of your operations and the photos to go with are great; I'm enjoying them quite a bit. I'll look forward to seeing your staging board and how it's set up.

    Best Regards,
  2. RogerRT

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    Chris, you are correct, it comes up at the Mop interchange & extends over to the HWY 67 Xing, nothing like watching your favorite engine or car roll off the end of the track. By raising it I had room to put the CTC panel below it, now if I could just get the curtain in place....Roger
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    I notice your orange and white 597 has stripes on both ends. Was the prototype painted that way?

    I ask because I need a number for my Hallmark brass n-scale version, and I wasn't aware of any with stripes on both ends like Hallmark painted it.

  4. RogerRT

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  5. pbender

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    I know it had them on the short hood. It's the long hood I question.

    The only views I have found of long hoods show them without ( like this one, that includes 597 as the 2nd unit):

    If The Hallmark unit I have wasn't facrory painted, I probably would have left off the stripes.

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    Paul, in the photo you provided a link to, I believe I see ghosts of the faded stripes on the long nose.
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  7. pbender

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    All I see in that image is a uniform dirty white stripe, with no diagonal stripe pattern.

    I'm certainly not the only one who can't find evidence that any of the GP7s ever had stripes on the long hood in orange and white. Mike Condrrn's paint shop article on the subject doesn't indicate anything other than short hood stripes in this scheme:

  8. TAG1014

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    Does anyone have the nerve to take a micro brush and change the original black and yellow paint scheme (Like on the nice Atlas HO and N GP-7 models) to the later versions with the abbreviated Chevrons by covering some of the yellow areas with black? It seems tempting BUT...???

    Tom G.
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    You would not know until you try it!
    I would spray the entire unit( after painting) with Krylon Matte Finish #1311, weather it with chalk, reapply the matte finish, if necessary.
    Weathering is a good cover up!

    Good Luck!

  10. pbender

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    If you look at the photos in the Frisco Archive of 502 ( ) most (all?) of which are from the 1970s, you can see that the simplified scheme was applied directly over the original paint, because the original stripes are visible.

    There's one photo (I think it's in Frisco in Color Vol 2) that shows 502 sometime in the 1970s and it almost looks like it was never repainted.

    I bought an air eraser (basically an airbrush sized sand blaster) so that I could remove some of the striping on the nose.

    I need to get back to this project, but the plan is to mask off the portions of the stripes I want to keep completely, then use the air eraser to remove portions of the exposed stripes.

    I think you can also get the effect seen in the photos by masking the simplified stripe pattern, and then weathering the exposed striping pretty heavily. You will need to replace the two horizontal stripes in the center of the short hood with a diamond.

    After you get the old stripes sufficiently covered, John has the right idea, weather the unit to blend everything together.


    P.S. maybe we should move the discussion of GP7 modeling to another thread.
  11. TAG1014

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    I didn't think about weathering--a great idea! It would cover up imperfections of a brush job. I have three Atlas GP-7s I think I'll try it on one at least. I liked the modified paint scheme about as much as the original. A three-uint lash-up usually never completely matched.

    Tom G.

    PS: If this thread needs to be moved, moderators feel free.
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  12. RogerRT

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    OK, this will be the last of this series... Once the southbound Hoxie Turn clears, the Pokey heads for home...

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  13. RogerRT

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    Crossing the Mop & HWY 67 in Hoxie & onto the branch...

    133.JPG 134.JPG
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  14. RogerRT

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    Nothing to do but kick & enjoy the ride...

    136.JPG 141.JPG
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  15. RogerRT

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    Coming & going at Lesterville...

    139.JPG 142.JPG
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  16. RogerRT

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    Onto the Black River Bridge...

    145.JPG 147.JPG 149.JPG
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  17. RogerRT

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    Almost home...

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  18. RogerRT

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    The only thing left to do put the train away where it will fit, runaround the train, grab the hacks & tie up..Tomorrow morning a new day begins on the Pokey...The End

    157.JPG 151.JPG
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