The Frisco & Cherokee Narrow Gauge Railway

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  1. I'm starting this thread to follow the building of my On30 Frisco & Cherokee Narrow Gauge layout.

    The Frisco & Cherokee is a creation of my own and no such railway ever existed. My "story" is that the F&C was a two foot gauge line connecting the fictional town of Slatersville, Indian Territory with the Frisco Central Division at a point south of Fayette Jct., Arkansas(Just south of Fayetteville, AR) called Narrow Jct. The line was built to two foot gauge because of the mountainous area it had to cross. Interestingly the F&C was originally owned by British interests(this is definitely show in the roads older rolling stock), but during the Great Depression, ownership was transferred to the Frisco Railroad. The Frisco operates the F&C as a subsidiary.
    The year is 1947 now and the F&C continues to operate. Most of the roads rolling stock and engines have been repainted and detailed in Frisco style.

    The layout will consist of small modules that will link together to form a large layout. I'm currently building the bench work for the town of Slatersville, IT.

    Attached is a picture of the F&C's newest motive power, #7, a outside framed Baldwin 4-4-0. I plan to add a Frisco Coonskin number plate and Frisco style decals to the engine soon.

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  2. I'm working on the plans for the Interchange Area of my layout. What would be some good 1947era standard gauge Frisco equipment, that I can find as kits or ready-to-roll?
  3. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Awesome. I'll follow this thread with great interest as I'm also sticking my toes in waters of On30. I look foreword to your progress photos. Will you use HO track or actual On30 offerings?
  4. Jim, I plan to use Peco Code 100 On30 flex track on the main line, and Atlas Code 100 HO scale set track(with every other tie removed) on the sidings and industrial tracks.
  5. Sirfoldalot

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    Hold on, Murph, I am lost. You mention On30, but then you talk about 2 foot gauge in your narrative.
    Can you explain which it is that you are building?
  6. Sherrel, I'm using On30 gauge to represent 2ft gau
    ge. I would model proper On2, but I'm not skilled enough to convert my small fleet of engines.
  7. SteveM

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    Murphy, you can call it what you want, You may have a particular reason for not recognizing the other six inches, but fro what little I have ever seen, the actual two foot roads used even more diminutive equipment than the thirty inchers. I would think Code 100 is still fairly stout rail for thirty inch roads in this part of the country. If you've read Short Lines of Arkansas, most of the transfer traffic would have been lumber. Produce wouldn't come from the mountainous areas but the valleys between.
  8. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    To each his own, but code 83 is plenty robust for use in O scale and represents light rail a bit better than code 100. Of course painting, weathering and other detailing will go a long ways towards adding realism to whichever code rail you use. Have at it!
  9. yardmaster

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    You said it, brother. Used/using code 100 on my pike due to temperature/humidity concerns and it's hopefully more forgiving manner. With paint on the rails and ties and an appropriate amount of weathering, it passes as "good enough" for me.

    Murph, I don't know about RTR equipment for O Scale c. 1947, but in terms of Frisco prototype equipment, I'd think that you're in a good transition era to include everything from USRA double-sheathed boxcars still in their wood sheathing to stock cars and beyond. I look forward to updates on how the interchange pans out.

    Best Regards,
  10. Steve, I'm using code 100 rail because I already have a ton of it. My reason for saying the F&C is 2ft gauge, is because I want the F&C to use used equipment from other 2ft roads such as the Sandy River & Rangely Lakes, the Lynton & Barnstaple, and the War Department Light Railways of WWI.
    In other news the F&C will soon be adding a new 47 Chevy Railtruck for M-O-W service.
  11. The Frisco & Cherokee just added a Plymouth Switcher to its roster. The locomotive was advertised as an "HO" scale Model Power DDT Plymouth, however the locomotive actually scales out to almost O scale, so it is just perfect for On30. Originally the engine was painted in an Amtrak paint scheme. I plan to paint it in Frisco black and yellow. I have already sprayed the shell black.
    I was wondering where I should go to get Frisco B&Y diesel lettering decals, and what yellow paint color should I use?

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  12. Jim James

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    That will be a great project. It would be cool to add some O scale details to further the scale illusion. What job will this little critter be doing? You gotta add a sound decoder to this. Sometimes I fire up my HH900 just to hear that old diesel go through it's start up sequence and so forth. Maybe I'm just weird like that. Can't help you on you're questions but I want to wish you good luck and post pics of the progress.
  13. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    Murphy, I have some surplus Frisco yellow decals in ho. I have gothic and railroad roman letters, send me your address and if you want gothic or roman and I will hook you up ! fun stuff !
  14. Jim, The Plymouth will be tasked with switching the narrow gauge tracks at Narrow Junction. It will also be used to put away the larger steam locomotives when the day's work is done. I have some other interesting plans for this engine. I plan to put a detailed cab interior in the locomotive. First I have to get a new motor for the engine(the HUGE burnt out old motor took up the entire cab space and then some!!!). I'm also building/ordering a new headlamp, bell, air horns, coonskin number plate(to fix to the front grill), and a new exhaust stack.

    Paul, Thank you very much! I've sent you a private message with my address. Thanks again!

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