Terminal Facilities and Operations: Springfield - October 1961

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    During the November of 1961, the Frisco conducted a sales training meeting during which the Facilities and Operations of each of the major Frisco terminals was promoted. Section G, which covers Springfield provides a thumbnail about the history of Springfield, and a general overview about operations in the city. The last several pages list the industries which the Frisco served. It's impressive in its magnitude and scope. Take note on the Industrial Sites Map. The New East Belt is still under construction.

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    A gold mine Karl! Much appreciated!

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    Karl has nailed it. That ought to provide factual information to those interested in replicating the Springfield area. Ricky Mac should be able to extropolate what he needs to accomodate whichever era he happens to be simulating at the time. Way to go Karl!

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    You've done it again! Thank you for the Springfield version of the Terminal Facilities and Operations book. I am rereading it and rerereading it and rererereading it. . . .
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    Great information Karl. Springfield on my N scale trackplan is just a generic switch/storage/open staging yard. I have room for some industries and will have to take that into consideration now. Sure would like to see a similiar document for KC.

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO

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