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Discussion in 'General' started by meteor910, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Have any of you ever used any HO Tahoe Model Works trucks?

    Tonight, I was searching for a decent HO version of the Dalman 2-Level freight truck. The Dalman truck used two different coil spring lengths - the theory was this resulted in a smoother ride with built-in dampening. They are quite distinctive looking.

    I knew Tahoe made Dalman trucks in HO, so I gave them a look via Google. I want a pair or two for the novelty - I have all kinds of odd, but prototypical, trucks on my freight cars. MKT, RI, IC, L&N, MP, CB&Q, CNW, NC&StL, and others, including several tank cars, used Dalman trucks ..... to my knowledge, the SLSF was not a Dalman fan. But, I'm going to get a couple pair anyway!

    I also noticed that Tahoe offers ASF A-3 "Ride Control" and Barber S-2 "Lateral Motion" trucks in HO. These were big time favorites of the Frisco.

    I will order a few pair of each of these and post a review after I receive them. They are a bit expensive - $7.25 a pair, but the detail looks excellent, and you have your choice of normal (RP-25) or "semi-scale" (0.088") wheelsets, plus they are unique HO models of these trucks (Kato & Kadee have the A-3, and Kadee has the S-2).

    Ken (aka, the truck lover!)

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