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Discussion in 'General Steam' started by railroadpete, Jan 11, 2020.

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    Does anyone here know what steam power was assigned to The Wichita Line during the later days of steam? Did the weight restrictions on this line restrict any locos bigger than a light mike? Knowledge much appreciated!

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    The ETT's have a section which provide the Cooper's Bridge rating for each locomotive class as well as the bridge class for each subdivision. This is from the 1947 Northern Div. The little ten-hundreds, ten-wheelers, and the 182-class, 4-4-0's handle psgr traffic on the KD line. The Bolsheviks, the 1200's, 1300's, and the light mikados worked parts of the line.

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    Thank you so much Karl! This leads to another question. Did the three or so (4001, 4003, 4008) light mikados that worked from Wichita to Neodesha have to go through Carthage to get to The Springfield Shop for servicing? Or did they take another route to get there? The reason I’m asking is that Broadway Limited Imports made the N Scale version of The USRA Mikado of that exact prototypical model that would accurately represent them. I’m building a museum quality diorama of Carthage from the steam to diesel transition era and accurate steam power in n scale is difficult for Frisco and Mopac, (without having to do some tenuous, radical kit-bashing) but these light mikes that Pennsylvania RR sold off to Frisco and Mopac may work. Depends on how many of such locos actually ever ran through Carthage on either railroad.
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