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    Allen, I took the liberty of quoting you and placing the quote in this separate thread.
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    Ken, I have taken the liberty of quoting you in this new thread to make it easier to track down diagrams.

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    Thanks Keith & Ken,

    Basically I am looking for anything different than the years I have, and also steam loco dgms for any road. Just to clarify a bit better, just want to make everyone sure I am talking about dgm books and not just individual dgms. There are way too many individual dgms to try to compare and we tackle things book by book. Generally if there are new revisions issued there were changes made. Our database is going to be in great detail and the more we have to make it more accurate and complete the better we can help others with it. Virtually any book will be helpful for any road.

    As I mentioned, there is SL&SF book that intrgues me and that is the one the creator of the roster was referring to when he noted the loco was shown in the dgm book but in any printed rosters.

    I have an additional digital SL&SF roster plus a long list of disposition data that is not shown in the roster that is posted. I'll be glad to send the info to anyone wanting to update and post either of them.

    I have over 350 steam dgm books in my collection. They are often quite different for the same revision year depending on who was maintaining the book. The ones kept by pack rats are always a treasure to find as they often kept all the older revisions or scrapped or sold locos in theirs. Also, the condition and quality can differ from book to book and revision to revision.

    I would be more than happy to scan anyones books for them and also provide a digital copy with your material when returned. I have 3 scanners. Nothing borrowed is kept over 2 weeks. I can provide multiple references if desired. Nothing I have is for sale. All contributions are treated with respect and accreditations given when used.

    I will be glad to help anyone with what I have. If you will contact me directly at I can send an Excel workbook that shows my entire collection. There are all kinds of materials other than just steam loco dgm books.

    Thanks for any help anyone is willing to provide our efforts on the steam loco database and data preservation.

    Allen Stanley
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    Greer, SC

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    If you would contact me directly at I'll send you some of the SLSF dgms I have. I am at our daughters for the weekend and she has a high speed connection. I would send them here, but am not familiar using the forum and these are some good size pdf files. I can attach sending from my Yahoo acct directly to you.

    Allen Stanley
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    Will do. Thanks.

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    There's a nice selection of SLSF steam engine diagrams in the back of Steam Locomotives Of The Frisco Line, by Lloyd Stagner. Also a reprint of a 1936 public tiime table. FYI.


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