Standard Plan - Section House Dwelling - Warm Climate - 1906

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    A typical layout is depicted in the upper left of the drawing. A typical arrangement included the section house, the bunkhouse, tool house, privies, and well.

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    Thank you for posting these plans.

    Do you also have plans for the bunkhouse, tool house and privies that could be posted?

    This looks like a good opportunity for a laser kit manufacturer to add to their line of structures. It could be marketed as both a railroad and a private residence dwelling.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Karl

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    You're welcome. I regret that I don't have standard plans for the other structure. I have a few line drawings from the B&B records.

    I think that we tend to forget the number of railroad structures that existed in small-town America.

    Even into the 40's many depots did not have indoor plumbing, and an out house could be found on the station grounds. Each station had a coal house, typically 15'-2" x 10'-0. Coal houses were built inside-out, so the studs were visible on the outside, and the siding was on the inside. That way the coal wouldn't "punch-out" the wall boards.

    At a location where the section gang was quartered, the railroad placed a section house for the foreman, a bunk house for gang, and a tool house for the motorcar or handcar, and for the gang's tools and supplies. I couldn't find any standard plans for the bunk house or the tool house. I did find some line drawings in the B&B records. Given the section house drawings, one could imagineer the bunk house with out too much difficulty.

    A CD with hi-res images has been sent to my favorite laser kit maker.
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    Thank you for for sending the plan information to our favorite laser kit manufacturer.

    Hopefully we will continue to see him expand his fine line of structures and support his follow Frisco folks!

    Thanks ahain.


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