Standard Plan: Depot 3A, 1906

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    The roll that contained the 3-A plans is missing the elevation and plan sheet. As Ethan noted Plan 1-A and Plan 2 are the same. On the Plan 2 drawing, the numeral 2 is hand lettered of the original lettering. The Plan 1-A (Plan 2) drawing references the 3-A sheets for the exterior and interior details. Perhaps difference between 1-A, 2, and 3-A has something to do with the presence or absence of a "negro" waiting room.

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    Since I am missing the floor plan for the #3 depot, I looked through some other records, and I have found some notations that indicate that the Grandview, Mo depot (Clinton Sub) was built from a number 3 plan.

    Overall dimensions: 52'-1" x 20'-3"
    Waiting Room: 12' x 19'
    Ticket Office:10' x 21'-6"
    Frt & Bagg: 19' x 28'

    The Sparta, MO depot (Chadwick Br) was also a #3 depot

    Overall dimension: 52' x 20'
    Waiting Room: 16'-2" x 18'-10"
    Ticket Office: 10' x 21'-10"
    Frt & Bagg: 18'-10" x 28-2"

    Both were non-segregated depots.
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    Would you happen to have any Depot plans for the depot in Cherryvale Kansas or the One in Parsons, Ks? I would love to get a copy of those. Thanks in advance.
    Bob Wintle
    Parsons, Ks.
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    Karl (or any one else for that matter), I have a couple of questions for the Grandview Depot for scratch building.
    1. 4" house siding is used for the lower portion, while the upper section is drop siding. Is the drop siding like 2" wide? Maybe something close to car siding?
    2. I got the detail sheets you posted on the 3A depots, but the numbers are hard to read. Any idea as to the height of these 4/4 windows? What are their height above the floor and below the ceiling?
    3. What is the dimension from the ceiling to the under hang?
    4. What is the radii of the roof curve?
    5. and lastly, what are the dimensions of the sliding freight door frames and cross pieces?

    I would appreciate any help that you can give.
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