Stack used on 1500's and 4100's

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    Howdy folks,

    Does anyone k now a source for or have a spare HO scale exhaust stack that was used on the 1500's and 4100's? I sure would like to update some USRA heavy mikes to look more Frisco and the big exhaust would help a lot. I was thinking of removing the stack on my 1500, but have cold feet so far. If I can get a master, then I can reproduce it for the models.

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    The 1522 stack is held on by a screw, so you could use it for a master.
  3. friscomike

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    Thanks Don, I thought it was soldered. I am now braver! ~mike
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    railwaymechanica97newyuoft_0379.jpg railwaymechanica97newyuoft_0380.jpg railwaymechanica97newyuoft_0381.jpg
    Attached are pages from Railway Mechanical Engineer (1923). The article describes the new 4100 and 1500 engines and the use of common and similar parts. This article also mentions USRA engine designs inspired the Frisco locomotives which has been misinterpreted as being the same as a USRA mikado, or mountain in some hobby discussions.

    John Sanders
    Springfield, MO
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    John - Neat article, thanks for posting it!

  6. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    I think there might be some kit-bashing ideas lurking in that article. Amazing how much those engines are alike when pictured side by side.

  7. John Sanders

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    Attached is a photo of the fabricated stack base (4003) that Frisco appeared to favor from the late 1930s to the end of steam. It appears to be taller and larger in diameter than the original stack. The first page of the (Collias) Mikado chapter shows a similar stack on the 4100s. Measurements from the photographed stack are:
    Height from welded base flange to top 27 inches.
    Diameter over top bead is 27 inches
    Diameter of stack just below bead 25.5 inches
    Diameter just above base flange 24 inches.
    These dimensions may not match the 4100 and 1500 classes, but show the general layout of this detail after the late 1930s.

    John Sanders

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    Indeed. Don can comment on this - I beleive he built at least one or two of his 4100's by starting with the PFM Toby 1520 class HO model.


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