St Louis Terminal Industry Schematics, April 10. 1970

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    St Louis Terminal Industrial Schematics

    Attached, at long last, is the pdf file of my April, 1970 Frisco St. Louis Terminal Industry Schematic diagram booklet.

    The Lindenwood area diagram is about 24 inches long, so it is included as three separate scans. I also needed to make two scans to get the map for Zones 4 and 5 (Chouteau-Ewing) completely scanned.

    Sorry this is confusing - take a look and the booklet will become obvious.

    Thanks to Don for his help today.


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    Re: Frisco Industry Diagrams

    Thanks, Ken. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks for posting these. I'm surprised to see in some places how little things have changed in 40 years. But in other places, wow, what a difference from then to now.

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